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  1. WavMixer
    WavMixer Six String
    Yo Six,
    Haven't seen you around for a while. Are you OK?
  2. Jon Peavey
    Jon Peavey
    Glad to be here. I've been interested in this page for a while but never created a profile until now. Holler at me! Let's be friends!
  3. MrStig
    Let there be rock!
  4. RRamirez1214
    Recently bought my first Gibson, a NOS 2014 SGM with a vintage rubbed finish for an awesome deal.
  5. NomeX
    Just joined, awaiting a 2013 Gibson Future Tribute (with robot tuner)
  6. dngrsdave
    Heavy Metal Thunder
  7. deMelo
    Burning Goodyear rubber on hot asphalt to play guitar and drink beer.
  8. Biddlin
    Snowflakes play with flamethrowers then always blame others when they start to melt.
  9. Logan
    Back at school today. Wish I could be home with the Twin Cranked
  10. Logan
    Probably going to grow my hair down to my shoulders.
    1. Raiyn
      Why stop there?
      Aug 11, 2017
  11. Madmatt
    Should Play more, post about playing less
  12. Kahl Rhoam
    Kahl Rhoam
    Hi there, just getting set up here, I'll be putting a unique MIJ Edwards SG for sale.
  13. Logan
    Just ordered some pickups for my Strat. I'm excited :)
  14. Pierre
    Please send me a receipt for my purchase of the 61 SG light blue pick guard. I paid for it with my Chase Visa card, not through Paypal!!
  15. Seanbarrett503
    That guitar, it's solid.
  16. Bandgeektangus
    Bandgeektangus RobV
    I have an SG special I want to add a Pickguard to. I Saw one in an old thread that is like the one I need. It was posted by "schotter" and he said you made it for him. I was wondering if you'd make another one and how much it would run me. I need one with the extra little notch on the bottom to curve around a volume knob because of my 3 knob configuration. If you can let me know asap, that would be awesome! Thanks!
    1. Raiyn
      This isnt how you private message someone. "Start a Conversation" is what you want. This stuff's in public.
      Jul 3, 2017
    2. RobV
      Raiyn it's ok. I sent him a detailed message a little while back with all the info I had on them & where they came from. I didn't make the PG. The previous owner of that SG had them made from Pickguardian :)
      Jul 27, 2017
    3. Raiyn
      Jul 27, 2017
  17. Bandgeektangus
    Bandgeektangus schotter
    I saw your sg on an old thread. I don't know if you'll even see this or not. I was wondering if you knew where that pickguard came from or what brand it is. I need one with the extra notch on the bottom to curve around a volume knob because of my 3 knob configuration. Was it stock? I can't find this pickguard anywhere. If you see this message and you could let me know asap, that would be awesome! Thanks a million!
  18. Logan
    I think I need to use vibrato less. I broke the arm on my Strat :/
  19. sazista
    sazista eS.G.
    ah, okay. I used to listen to Cal Jam 2 a lot. He was screaming on that one!
  20. sazista
    sazista eS.G.
    Who is that in your avatar pic?
    1. chilipeppermaniac
      Sazista, that is Frank Marino
      Jun 20, 2017

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