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  1. Paully
  2. Plan Zero
  3. Ozob
    Ozob Sp8ctre
    Do you still have the traveler Pro Series mod x guitar for sale?
    1. Sp8ctre
      I'm sorry, it sold.
      Jan 17, 2018
  4. Flash
    I worked as professional lead/rhythm guitarist for 35 years. During many of those years I played a 1967 SG Standard I bought used for $150.
  5. Flash
    I own a 2016 SG Standard ebony and an Epiphone 1966 G-400 ebony. I'm in love with both of them?
  6. DFLCC
    I just realized I retired over a year ago. I just never stopped working and I don’t think I will stop any time soon.
  7. Gary Mayell
    Gary Mayell
    Think this is a 72 SG Custom. Serial # 105047. The documentation is dated 1972. Any opinions?
  8. Joseph1993
    Joseph1993 Alex
    Hello, my posts refuse to post when I include a picture, stating it is spam and to contact admin. Can you assist?
    1. Alex
      Hello, please email me the link to and I'll post the pic for you.
      Jan 16, 2018
  9. Greg Connor
    Greg Connor willscottpkc
    I noticed your ad looking for a Kirk Douglas SG. I have one, if you are still interested.
  10. Marcus Carrozza
    Marcus Carrozza
    Upgrading my Epiphone SG; with new electronics, pickguard, nut , neck spacer, back control plate etc..
  11. ydrive
    ydrive gball
    Black Sabbath Matters... YES! Love the avatar.
  12. NomeX
    ESP LTD Viper 1000 is intriguing...Ebony, 24 frets, big booty...
  13. Logan
    Playing my SG in Jazz band until I get my Jazzmaster.
  14. Detonator1977
    Detonator1977 PermissionToLand
    What do you think of the Pearl one?I kind of think it's pretty sweet.a dude has one on reverb for $275 I think
    1. PermissionToLand
      Pretty neat, although personally I'd prefer if the headstock was black. That's a fair price.
      Nov 8, 2017
    2. Detonator1977
      It would look cool with that contrast
      Nov 9, 2017
    3. Detonator1977
      I just want all 3 finishes.i think it would be cool
      Nov 9, 2017
      PermissionToLand likes this.
  15. NomeX
    Gonna see GC about an Epiphone with full batwing...
  16. Kevin gates
    Kevin gates
    My1995 G400
  17. Peter Thiel
    Peter Thiel
    We're the weirdos who make SG's sound beautiful. No offense Angus, these are incredibly versatile instruments that happen to look BADASS!
  18. WavMixer
    WavMixer Six String
    Yo Six,
    Haven't seen you around for a while. Are you OK?
  19. Jon Peavey
    Jon Peavey
    Glad to be here. I've been interested in this page for a while but never created a profile until now. Holler at me! Let's be friends!
  20. MrStig
    Let there be rock!

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