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  1. woozee
    woozee mrk
    Hello how are you?
    I saw in one of your post that you have the artwork of the vibrola plate. Can you be so kind to send it to me? I would really apreciate, thanks!
    My mail is
  2. Lunacy the Faded
    Lunacy the Faded
    What's up EverythingSG!
  3. MattySG
    How many SGs have white neck binding? Is that common ?
  4. david wayne
    david wayne Dave Johnson
    do you still have sg bigsby for sale please call dave 8186796788 thanks
  5. 515who
    current project 1972 Gibson SG200 restoration/mod
  6. Mandolistically
    Acoustic and electric mandolins, 4, 5, 8 stringers, National Resophonic mando, blues harp, old tube amps and younger women
  7. arcticsg
    arcticsg VetPsychWars
    Hi Tom,


    Did that Tribute have a 24 fret board too? That would be awesome if this works.

    Thanks, Jimmy
  8. julio blanco
    julio blanco
    did paul chandler make an sg style guitar in the mid 70's?
  9. Oscar Pagan
    Oscar Pagan
    Mi order 1810 i need information about delivery this order data at 27 january 2018 2 months or 60 days . Whats happens?
  10. cheshiergrin
    Lookin for nub
  11. AngelDeVille
    Malaysian pit boss
  12. JazzyJeff
    Current guitars + 1 = N: N + 1 = Correct number of guitars needed
  13. stephen Lowery
    stephen Lowery
    When I am not playing the SG my go to picker is a Gibson LG-O...very comfortable and fun to play. What do you play when not using an SG?
  14. Bill G
    Bill G
    Looking forward to warmer weather. I rock better when I am sailing, too.
  15. Paully
  16. Plan Zero
  17. Ozob
    Ozob Sp8ctre
    Do you still have the traveler Pro Series mod x guitar for sale?
    1. Sp8ctre
      I'm sorry, it sold.
      Jan 17, 2018
  18. Flash
    I worked as professional lead/rhythm guitarist for 35 years. During many of those years I played a 1967 SG Standard I bought used for $150.
  19. Flash
    I own a 2016 SG Standard ebony and an Epiphone 1966 G-400 ebony. I'm in love with both of them?
  20. DFLCC
    I just realized I retired over a year ago. I just never stopped working and I don’t think I will stop any time soon.

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