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  1. K1SFD
  2. Worblehat
    Worblehat Alex
    Hi. Any chance ETSG will get HTTPS-support? This issue and why its important have been discussed in this thread:
    I made some suggestions, like using "Let's Encrypt" to manage the certificate, which is almost a no brainer.
    If you need any help I would gladly assist...
  3. loicsans
    Gibson SG standard 2018
  4. chris z
    chris z
    1961 standard, the tremolo was removed and now has a stop tail piece. my complaint is that the neck is too heavy to balance.
  5. Wild Bill212
    Wild Bill212 Oldgibsonguy
    I would really appreciate it if you have designed a lock for a sideways Vibrola, could I get one ? OR could you show me exactly how you have locked the TREMOLO Arm ? U C, I have just purchased a SG Standard W/Sideways Vibrola w/3 '57 Classic Pick-Up's and Gold Hardware, the Guitar is DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL .
  6. No_Class
    "Growing up is optional"
  7. Lacey m wachob
    Lacey m wachob
    Info on lyle white 12 string electric guitar made in japan?? Having trouble finding info. I think its rare made in 60s or 70s? Tia
  8. Simon Bradshaw
    Simon Bradshaw
    When it comes to treble bleeds it has to be polystyrene caps. 680pF to 1nF depending on the pup/pot combo with a 150k resistor in parallel.
  9. Simon Bradshaw
    Simon Bradshaw
    I like standard ceramic caps the best.. I've tried oil and paper, orange drops, tropical fish etc.etc.
  10. Simon Bradshaw
  11. Protismo
    “Without Tony Iommi we would not be here talking about Horror Rock, Metal, and a myriad of sub genres.”
  12. Simon Bradshaw
    Simon Bradshaw
    I love pcb's...every guitar should have one!
  13. Rhsg
    Looking for nylon saddles for SG standard, any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Stark Naked
    Stark Naked Paul G.
    Hey Paul, it's great to see someone ferret out a good deal like your Tele. Seems like when you find a deal you either don't have the money or when you have the money you can't find a deal. Looks like things came together for you.
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    2. Paul G.
      Paul G.
      Thanks. Yes it is nice when it works. I decided I'd rather have one really special instrument than 3 good ones, so I dickered and traded until I could swing it. Usually, I have to walk away.
      Aug 10, 2018
  15. Mr. Butterbean
    Mr. Butterbean
    mr butterbean is lonely...please answer questions of a novice SG'er
  16. Mr. Butterbean
    Mr. Butterbean
    Just want to make sure i got a good deal
  17. Mr. Butterbean
    Mr. Butterbean
    sounds and feels great but less output then les paul is this solely due to pick ups?
  18. Mr. Butterbean
    Mr. Butterbean
    bought a used Gibson2018 SG standard for $900/ near mint/ good Deal?
  19. Stark Naked
    Stark Naked
    Played clubs, bar's, honkey tonk's and concerts professionally for 35 years. Strapped on my 67" SG Standard Maestro for 12 of those years.
  20. Barry Charlton
    Barry Charlton
    Hi. I'm a new member. I have an Encore copy, and I need some help please.

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