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  1. Westernrider
    Westernrider Alex
    logged on the site and went into forums, when I clicked on the individual post links, my computer gives me this:

    "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later."

    What is happening?

  2. Dale
    Dale Voxman
    Voxman is the list down or is it something with my system?
  3. Estus Autrey
    Estus Autrey
    When I say Duane played an SG as well as Santana early on, and Clapton played a plexiglass SG sometimes with Cream, nobody comprehends.
  4. Stark Naked
    Stark Naked musicman2242
    I played with a group/band called "The Chosen Few" at the Canadian National hotel Nova Scotian back in the seventies. I love Halifax. Hope it hasn't changed much.
  5. VictorB
    Formerly LGBT
  6. Logan
    ES-335? Hell yeah.
  7. SGme
    Bought my '61 reissue Gibson SG back in 2010 and loved it ever since. It's a joy to play and I just love that iconic SG sound.
  8. musicman2242
    musicman2242 Alex
    Hey there, is there something wrong with the forum? I can access everything except the discussions..profile page, members, no problems, but since Thursday, I can't get to anything else..
  9. Chenosaurus
    im on leave me alone!
  10. Chenosaurus
    feeling Muso
  11. Russell A Niccum
    Russell A Niccum
    need a Dereck Trucks tail piece or a full length bigsby for my SG any info ones with less work and set up any help thanks
  12. Billy B
    Billy B
    U are only young once...but you can be immature forever!!!
  13. Colnago
    Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
  14. MoMan
    It could be that the purpose of your life is to only serve as a warning to others...
  15. Shockya
    Chillin'... because Chillin' is my business and business is good!!
  16. Wigjuice
    This site has been amazing, as I searched and searched for help while upgrading/modding my old Epiphone SG Special (2004)! Had to join!
  17. Puttslayer
    Puttslayer Kris Ford
    Good afternoon, I was searching for info on what I believe to be a 1974 Gibson SG. I was trying to identify further from the truss rod cover and read some of your previous posts. The cover is the “S-G” variety. Do you know what years those were produced and what models they put them on? Here is a link to the guitar, I bought it yesterday.
  18. chris z
    chris z
    this image was a before, image. I have been carefully, repairing and doing set up has been in a closet for 35 years untouched.
  19. K1SFD
    Still Rockin'
  20. Worblehat
    Worblehat Alex
    Hi. Any chance ETSG will get HTTPS-support? This issue and why its important have been discussed in this thread:
    I made some suggestions, like using "Let's Encrypt" to manage the certificate, which is almost a no brainer.
    If you need any help I would gladly assist...
    1. Alex
      Hey there, our site tech is working on renewing/adding the site certificates. Thanks for your help though!
      Oct 9, 2018
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