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  1. Philb
    Hello from the UK.Back again with a new SG after a few years away.
  2. Ronald Graham
    Ronald Graham
    Hello I'm Ron.
  3. brian kulakowski
    brian kulakowski
    does anyone else have a gibson sg guitar of the week 32 ???
  4. SGSF
    Player for 30 years, but recent first time SG owner.
  5. Gary C Miller
    Gary C Miller
    Bought some Seymour Duncan "Duality" pups and was wondering if they will fit in my SG?
  6. sekoya
    sekoya DrBGood
    Hello Dr B Good !!

    I'm from Sutton also !
    would be great to chat or talk ,......don't know many SG lovers around here !
    How did you like the Sanford 9022's ?
    I hav an SG Classic that I'd love to upgrade .

    Cheers !

    1. DrBGood
      Sutton, really ? That's funny.

      The Sanford Magnetics are the clearest P90 I've had the chance to play. They sound like a piano, like bells, I dare say too clean. So much so that I finally sold them. Couldn't find my tone with them and I didn't want to start messing with changing magnets on them.

      Maybe I didn't have the right amp to drive them or something.
      May 10, 2019
    2. sekoya
      Thanks for your reply !!

      If you ever wanna talk as musicians ,..let me know and I'll give you my number !

      May 11, 2019
      DrBGood likes this.
  9. TVBob
    Communication Breakdown
  10. Tony Romano
    Tony Romano PermissionToLand
    Thanks for your reply! My SG Custom has the gold hardware and gold (not embossed) triple pick ups. I tried posting a pic in the thread. Not sure if I succeeded. Having trouble figuring out how to reply on a thread.
    1. PermissionToLand
      At the bottom of the thread, there should be a text box. Or you can click "reply" on the bottom right of someone else's post.
      Mar 12, 2019
  11. DoomDale
    Got my first Gibson guitar the other day, and Iā€™m completely in love with this instrument. 2018 ā€˜61 reissue with Maestro Vibrola.
  12. SGSam
    Addicted to guitar porn, in desperate need of intervention, you guys are no help whatsoever.
  13. Ess
    actually been here since 2003. a member of the old guard of ESG. a venerable douchebag of the highest order and resident evil personified.
  14. Westernrider
    Westernrider Alex
    logged on the site and went into forums, when I clicked on the individual post links, my computer gives me this:

    "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later."

    What is happening?

  15. Dale
    Dale Voxman
    Voxman is the list down or is it something with my system?
  16. Estus Autrey
    Estus Autrey
    When I say Duane played an SG as well as Santana early on, and Clapton played a plexiglass SG sometimes with Cream, nobody comprehends.
  17. Stark Naked
    Stark Naked musicman2242
    I played with a group/band called "The Chosen Few" at the Canadian National hotel Nova Scotian back in the seventies. I love Halifax. Hope it hasn't changed much.
  18. VictorB
    Formerly LGBT
  19. Logan
    ES-335? Hell yeah.
  20. SGme
    Bought my '61 reissue Gibson SG back in 2010 and loved it ever since. It's a joy to play and I just love that iconic SG sound.
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