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  1. Brooklyn Zeke
    Brooklyn Zeke
    New member, but old player...
  2. Dave G.
    Dave G.
    Any tips on how to best identify it as authentic ?
  3. Dave G.
    Dave G.
    My friend has a deep wine red/cherry SG. on loan to me. He says it was a 1989 reissue of a 1961
  4. NY-Pete
    Quarantined and stir-crazy.
  5. papagayo
    papagayo SGfan84
    PS : remove you avatar, it's a Gibson SG not an "awesome" Epiclone ... LOL
  6. papagayo
    papagayo SGfan84
    A bought an Epi G400 and I sold it very quickly.
    The Epiphone looks like the SG, no more.
    Poor wood, poor tuners, poor nut job, strings are too high, poor pickups, poor switch, poor potentiometers .....

    The design is very bad too, look at the horns and bevel .

    I bought a used Gibson SG Special (£400), this SG is fantastic, a real Gibson.
  7. papagayo
    papagayo SGfan84
    Are you born like this or you had a stroller accident when you were a kid?
  8. Alex Kendall
    Alex Kendall
    Happy to be here!! :D
  9. Robert P.Mamarella
    Robert P.Mamarella Astral Traveler
    Astral, Very Niccccccce Ax, Love the Blue.Good Luck with Her.
  10. Harley Bob
    Harley Bob
    Living the dream in Upstate NY
  11. reydevis
  12. Telesg
    Telesg Joebe
    The first cheap thing to do it to take a pencil and put it inside each cut of the nut to see if that helps keep it in tune nothing to lose there...or maybe the nut is to high or going back. And of couse whats goin on with your tuners.. slipping maybe.. make sure your bridge is set, saddles, intonation. how old are the strings? Time to change them? Youll figure it out...
  13. Telesg
    Telesg smitty_p
    my sg has has dot inlays, and shows all wood down by the bigsby thats the only difference I see. Great looking sg. I cant find one I dont like.
  14. Telesg
    Love the youtube on Marys White Les Paul 3 p/u when her Nephew comes in to sell it to the pawn shop.
  15. Telesg
    When I saw it in the store I was in love...had to have it. It was gorgeous, but mean looking, how could Les not love it? lol
  16. Telesg
    Love to set it up. Plays like a dream.
  17. Telesg
    Telesg JohnnyGoo
    Theres my other fav. but its hard for me to not like a guitar.
  18. Telesg
    Got my sg deluxe in 8/74, bigsby bar, 2 blk p/u. Still with me.
  19. Telesg
    Hi all......................
  20. Joebe
    Love this SG its so comfortable to play but goes out of tune easily.
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