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  1. Soda
    Soda 58pit
    Did you ever change the pick guard from your red futura?
  2. Didds
    "Operator, long distance list" on the telephooone
  3. DPaulCustom
    DPaulCustom DrBGood
    Maybe try the classifieds here & others.
  4. DPaulCustom
    DPaulCustom DrBGood
    Canadians sell to the states on the bay, so rosewood shouldn't be an issue.
  5. DPaulCustom
    I might be interested if it weren't black, but thanks for asking.
  6. DrBGood
    DrBGood DPaulCustom
    I'm thinking of selling my Epi '61 black P90 SG.
    You live in the USA don't you ? That would make it hard to ship with the new regulations on rosewood, wouldn't it ?
  7. DPaulCustom
    Almost uncontrolable
  8. DPaulCustom
    Serious GAS today
  9. alexr
    alexr Col Mustard
    Sir, Thank you for sharing your knowledge Col. My 1970 standard has a Duncan Custom 5 in the bridge. It's OK. A match for the neck pup is proving hard to find and expensive. Any suggestions for a good substitute? Thanks for your time. Don
    1. Raiyn
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      Jan 27, 2017
  10. DPaulCustom
    Sunday jammin with the SG
  11. nickj4759
    just got a 204 sg spl is a mahogany body?
  12. BlairskieSG
    I can still see my breath.
  13. Mic mac moe
    Mic mac moe
    NGD!!! Crescent moon inlaid special
  14. BlairskieSG
    New to the forum. I have a 16 Gibson SG Standard.
  15. Didds
    Just pulled the trigger on a new 2015 Gibson SG Standard in Fireburst. Very pleased :)
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  16. Trewboy74
    Very new guitarist
  17. stephen Lowery
    stephen Lowery
    2003 Gibson SG Special w/moons and ebony fretboard; 490r & 498t humbuckers. I call'm Ligtnin'
  18. stephen Lowery
    stephen Lowery
    Long in the tooth but rockin' my SG whenever I can; hoping to stay in touch with like minded guitarists who love SG's!
  19. Iommi Freak
    Iommi Freak
    I had a Dimarzio DP100 installed in my 2014 Gibson SG Special.
  20. david shipp
    david shipp
    The one i have here is a bellwood super swinger made in Japan,as it says on the back of the guitar
    1. Raiyn
      Why are you posting this here? Post it on the discussion board by starting a thread.
      Nov 3, 2016

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