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Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by AngelDeVille, May 11, 2019.

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    As an offshoot of the other mini thread, I picked this up after a decent discount.

    I changed the knobs to my favorite Fender Amp knobs, and added Dunlop strap locks.

    I’m reading 16.3 neck and 16.4 on the bridge. This proves that the resistance readings don’t tell the full story of pickup potential. I have another guitar with a single mini that reads under 7k.

    I think this is my first guitar with the the PCB? board.

    I’m getting gorgeous cleans at about 6-7 on the volume knobs then beautiful dirt at 10 on both pickups.

    The fret ends needed about 20 minutes of touch up, and the fretboard was one of the most parched I have ever seen.

    The “soft case” is pretty decent. It’s a little bulky, but protects better than most gig bags, and the accessory pocket is a decent size.

    The ransom picture and card says 5/24/18

    I have a couple other guitars in the que, but she’s going to get refinished to a Frost or Daphne blue.


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