A Newer Dark Drone Track by my Drone/Ambient Project "Fjernsind" & Old Folk Song by my Folk Project!

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    Two very different songs I made with two of my solo projects that I'd like to share.

    A dark melancholy drone track that I made just a few months back with my drone/ambient/noise project "Fjernsind", titled "Stains of Winter's Grass", and a track I made several years back with my alternative and psychedelic folk project "...and for such a long time", titled "A Dream".

    Everything I have made so far with my drone/ambient/noise project "Fjernsind" is up here for free download and listening: https://fjernsind.bandcamp.com/

    And everything I have made so far with my alternative and psychedelic folk project "...and for such a long time" is up here for free download and listening: https://andforsuchalongtime.bandcamp.com/

    As you might notice if you chose to click the links all of the releases that features on the "...and such a long time" Bandcamp page are of relatively older date, since it was my first real attempt at producing solo material, and my drone/ambient/noise project "Fjernsind" has been my main project and had my main focus for some years by now, but I am actually working on some brand new folky songs for "...and for such a long time" at the moment, so hopefully it won't be all too long before a new release featuring the new songs will be up on that project's Bandcamp page as well, about time I return to the project that first got me started with seriously composing and producing songs by my self, outside of band contexts.

    The new songs I got for "...and for such a long time", that are still works in progress at the moment, will no doubt take on a less lo-fi and less quirky expression than how the old ones turned out, but my plan is to still strive for a relatively minimal and authentic aesthetic for this project.
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