Any fans of early Chicago?

Discussion in 'General Music' started by MetalSG, Sep 26, 2017.

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    I was too young to appreciate The Chicago Transit Authority and Chicago II in context. By the time I got my first radio, they transitioned into a radio friendly band. But, after hearing serveral sections of their "Ballet For a Girl in Buchannon" on the radio, I bough their 1970 album Chicago II. This is a very different band from the unit that recorded If You Leave Me Now, or Hard Habit to Break. I knew the album's hit songs because my elder siblings played them on their stereo, but I didn't know they were from the "same" band until I heard Ballet on classic rock radio. It's a terrific album, and Terry Kath must be one of the most underrated singer and guitarist ever, because this is the first time I've read about him. There is a lot going on in the record: pop, jazz, funk, progressive rock, even classical music. And it's very cohesive, in a spite of all the different generes thrown in. Consider me a new fan.

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