Au Revoir Notre Dame

Discussion in 'The Backstage' started by Biddlin, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Macron has been talking about a ten-year job today, but I reckon you are right. In any public project you can multiply initial estimates of cost and time by at least three. At least they have got off to a decent start in funding, and for certain the EU will be very willing to push cash into the project.
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    I dont know a whole much about the situation but I think with enough money and the right architects, artisans, craftsman, historians, etc. They could adequately replicate it aesthetically and add some more value by using for instance some old wood of cultural significance from some other historical event. Its bad but having worked on farms off and on for just 5 years I see hoe much society has grown and swallowed up all sorts of ecologically and environmentally crucial areas around the Untied States, but the same instances are seen on various levels- in the remaining rainforsets for instance.

    Anywho, my point is that in the long run there are undeniably worse global and mundane domestic tragedies occuring daily. Its really a great example of the mass human ego, to reflect on a burnign monument of our past accomplishments- a pinnacle of humanity as people pose it.

    I wish I saw this widespread sentiment for other issues more critical to the future of humanity. Its good to see people of all types in agreement but why cant we all stand in agreement over certain tragedies that are not as minute or obsolute in the grand schrme of all things on the planet.

    50 years from now will we be reflecing on this among the greatest destructive tragedies of our time? I think many will be reflecting on our international inaction and reluctance to changes that will end destructive industries and practices globally. Many of these industries will become irrevlevant and obsolute in the next 20 years due to technology, let alone 50 to 75 years. Id like people to think about this Notre Dame tragedy in relation to all the other tragedies life and ecosystems face in the world and what people can actually do to make things better for everything in the long run, to minimize the damage to all things and our negative impact on lifeforms and natural beauty.

    Edit: Some of us may live to se the day when the whole ecology of the world will change due to changes that we expedite in certain ways and cause entirely in other ways. What this will mean is that countless plant species in their native environments will not be able to propogate themselves as they regularly would if at all and this impacts every other area of life on the planet.

    Why do some cultures emphasise* worship their own creations while others worship the inheremtly natural creations that have indisputable, insurmountable complexity and beauty on more levels than any human creations can have?

    Looking from a biased standpoint based largely on objective truths.
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