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    I forgot to post pictures from the classical that arrived or even mention the nice used Ritmiiller dreadnought I got for just $33 USD including shipping, a set of strings and a strap. Both sound great, look great, feel great. The dreadnought has the thinnest neck I've ever felt on an acoustic which makes it a very easy to play certain songs, especially compare to all my other acosutics which have very thick necks. The classicals neck is almost identical to some vintage SGs I've played at shops whcih is very interesting and appealing. Neither had fret markers on the side of the neck so ive taken to using tiny squares of masking tape that dont look too bad. I'll add tiny inlays someday. I used to always think those glow in the dark fret markers were lame and very commercial looking however after gigging more in the dark I almost wish all my guitars had those.

    20191107_090903_HDR-1.jpg 20191107_085910-1.jpg 20191107_085920-1.jpg
    The classical is from the 60s or early 70s judging by the interior of the case, the age on it, and the little sticker on the back of the headstock that said 'steel reinforced neck' (not photo'd yet).

    The dreadnaught came a couple days ago, the classical came about a week or so ago. I have not put new strings onthe classical yet, the old ones still work and sound fine although they were detuned and in the case so long they corroded at the spots contacting the frets. I have a daddario hard tension set I'll be putting on sooner or later.
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