Blackstar ID 260

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    I was getting bored with my Fender champion 100, which is not one of Fender's finest offerings, but its clean tones are pretty. My other amp is one I travel with and while loud for what it is and great sounding, it's only 20 watts (Orange Crush 20) I dig the Orange tones, especially for rock, but I started really digging the versatility of the Blackstar sound. The clean channels are beautiful, followed by four channels of distortion that range from mild to harsh assed metal. This thing makes a Strat sound like a metal machine with no pedals.
    The TVP button is a nice feature which is a digital valve emulation. It does all sorts of amazing sounding things that tube amps do and normal SS amps cannot. It's got the sound decay down, all the warmth and volume of a valve amp. It's also a sort of modelling amp, even though Blackstar decided not to name their models and patches after amps, but after tones, so you have to guess and do some searching, which is kind of a buzzkill. But regardless, I'm not after looking for a Plexi sound so much, I'm looking for an amp that sounds amazing, is loud as hell and one that gives me almost infinite flexibility to shape sound, which this does. It's actually the first amp I've ever bought new, I liked it that much. So I shelved my SG project to fund this thing, couldn't be happier [​IMG]:)
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    Never played one. Hopefully I can find one at a local shop and give it a go. Nice review!
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