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    Maybe my review is unfair? It'll be interesting to see somebody else's review.

    My limited experience (compared to some of you folks) about amps tells me that a heavier amp with a bigger speaker usually sounds better than a lighter amp with a smaller speaker. The Laney is quite heavy; much more so than the VOX Pathfinder, but the VOXs do get a lot of volume for a small amp... The Roland amps may be the only battery powered ones (or one of the few) that sound pretty good while also being light and small - but they are pricey.

    I kinda hoped for better from the Blackstar Fly bass amp, but maybe my expectations were unrealistic. Playing again, it sounds fine at low volumes using the jazz bass while just noodling on scales and finger exercises...

    Just gave it a bit of this:

    It's 11pm here, so my volume was low, and the amp sounded nice.
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    Bottom line is that low frequencies require a larger surface area for the speaker cone to work effectively. Just like headphones can give you some bass but can never reproduce house shaking sound waves. High frequencies on the other hand do not require the same surface area to produce loud volume. As long as you do not expect to get massive volume at 100Hz, this small speaker may indeed be a good practice amp. Actually I don't even know if it can go down to 100Hz. If I had a boom fiddle, I might just have to get one of these to go along with my fly 3 stack.
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    A little disappointing to read that, but I expected as much. While I don't have the guitar version, those that have them tend to be very satisfied and I was hoping the bass version would be similar.

    In any case, guess I may go for one of these: or The Warwick fits into an Ikea Kallax which solves a lot of the problems, but I am not sure about the tone on it. The Ampeg has decent tone, but my guitars take up too much space for it...AAARRGGGHH!!! I just hate these 1st world problems!

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