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    Im a tone chaser. In my humble collection is a few sets of Tyson Tones (buckers in my 1979 SG firebrand and P90’s currently without a home) Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers in my LP Traditional, Seymour Duncan Antiquities in the (un)Robot, DiMarzio 35th anniversaries LP Studio, 70’s clear bobbin P90’s in a 74 Special, and of course the stock 490R/498T LP Menace and BurstBuckers in my R7. I took the Tyson Tones out of my aluminum body LP clone and play it acoustically for now (sounds great) and I have a Firebrand “The Paul” coming in soon without pickups.

    So I picked up a set of these
    in a PAF style with nickle covers.
    I’ll report back when I get them wired and fired!

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