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Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Jasonyeah, Aug 19, 2014.

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    I have an SG Special with and ABR 1 bridge (screws directly into wood). The post holes are stripped and the bridge posts just sit lovely in the holes. Any suggestions on repairing this beyond drilling, plugging, re drilling and retreading? Would I be able to build up the holes with toothpicks and glue until snug enough to screw in or is this a bad idea?

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    Actually toothpicks and Elmers wood glue work good for fillin small holes
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    I prefer to fix the hole properly while it is still round. It's easy to fill a perfectly round hole but if the hole gets distorted by half-fixes you need to drill the hole out ever bigger in order to fill it with a dowel. Particularly with an ABR bridge I would rather fix the hole while it is still small since you don't have the lip of a bushing to hide it.

    Tools you'll need

    A variety of drill bits so you can choose the smallest bit that will do the job.
    A variety of wood dowels so you can match the right size to the hole and the bit.
    Yellow wood glue
    Flush cut saw or clippers.
    An awl to mark the wood so you can drill a hole without it squirming.
    A drill press that has been trued or make a jig so you can get a trued hole in the body.
    A bit of stain or paint to color match the dowel to the body color.
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    Is this a vintage guitar or a recent model?

    If it's a newer model, I would consider installing a set of these:


    Their made to replace the inserts that are used with the Nashville style bridge but you could drill out your current holes to accommodate these instead. Their made to fit snugly and you use the hard plastic sleeve shown in the pic to drive them flush with the top. I used a set of these to replace the post on my Nashville style bridge and you'll never have to worry about loose bridge post again. Plus the fact that they transfer the string vibration to the body much better. Good luck!

    P.S. I you do decide to use these insert bridge post, make sure that you drill the hole squarely to the correct diameter so the post fit snugly and that you drill deep enough to accommodate the the insert but not too deep that you drill completely through the body. :ohno:

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