Buyer's / Seller's Remorse

Discussion in 'General Music' started by rotorhead, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. rotorhead

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    Jul 28, 2017
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    Jacksonville FL
    I'm sure most of us have either bought or sold that "one" guitar (or more) that left us with our heads down after the fact.

    For me, the biggest dammit moment came after I let go of my '84 LP Custom, tobacco burst, etc. This thing was a dream come true and my first LP. I spotted it in a pawn shop for $350 in 1988. They simply didn't know what they had hanging on their wall lol.

    I snatched it up after realizing what it was and they even threw in a free hardshell to boot.

    I had it for maybe 5 years and had to sell it off along with a few other things during one of "those" periods in life and I periodically kick myself still for letting it go.

    Thsee days, buying up new (or new to me) SGs seems to help with the pain lol.

    Let's hear some other stories...
  2. SG standard

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    Jun 29, 2014
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    I sometimes wish I'd kept hold of my Yamaha SG700, it would be a nice instrument to have now, but I sold it to fund my first Strat - a brand new MiJ Contemporary Strat with a System I locking trem, all black, including the hardware & headstock, HSS with a coil tap. That soon became my main guitar & I was using the trem in all new material, so I decided to get a back-up for stage use. I traded in my Bond Electraglide to get a 2nd hand top-of-the-range contemporary Strat with a system III trem. I sort of wish I'd kept the Bond, as they're pretty rare & unusual (carbon fibre, aluminium stepped fingerboard & DC powered) - I recently saw one at a dealers for £2,000*, and it soon went. That's why I wish I'd kept it!

    After the band broke up & I sold off music gear to fund my move into professional photography, I decided to keep just my Guild S-60 & the Strat with the system III trem. Now, selling off the black Strat was a big mistake - it's trem may have been an inferior design, but everything else about that guitar was special.... At least that's how I remember it! Anyway, I had regrets as soon as it was gone, sometime around '90/1. The other Strat stayed with me until 2014, when I sold it after buying my first SG. Since then I've bough & sold quite a few guitars, but the only one I really regret selling is that black MiJ Strat.

    *The trade-in value I got was £300 - the price of the Strat, which I struggled to sell for £350 in 2014. Oh well...
  3. drown

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    Jan 28, 2017
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    Brookland, DC
    I was having doubts about the SG Naked I bought sight unseen on Reverb in January for an August was along wait and my doubts grew during those months as I aquired a couple other P90 guitars and felt it was going to be superfluous. But once I picked it up and played the guitar they all disappeared. It's now my favorite.
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  4. AngelDeVille

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    Mar 30, 2017
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    I had an early '61 reissue SG that I had always regretted selling, but when I opened the case and held my 2017 Pelham, the feelings of regret melted away...
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