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    As soon as I heard that Gibson was in trouble, I thought of a guitar
    that I've always wanted but never could justify spending the money:
    ...a Gibson J-45 acoustic.

    Then I went looking at those, and found one I could afford, amazingly
    enough, and built just the way I'd want one... that became irresistible and
    so I decided to help Gibson out in the best way I could. I bought one.
    J-45 AG45WNN8.jpg
    This is Gibson's J-45 "Avante Guard" model, Spruce top, Walnut back and sides, Walnut bridge,
    Walnut fretboard, maple neck, and a Baggs "Element" under saddle pickup.
    I've actually never seen anything like it.
    It's got everything, in my opinion, and if Gibson was going down I decided I had to get one
    before that happened. So I just had to pounce.
    I've never seen a production guitar like this, and was instantly seduced. If you've read my other
    posts, you know I'm fond of unique instruments. I don't need one to sound like somebody else's guitar, or like one I used to own. I like each instrument to have a unique voice.
    And this one does.
    Now look, I've modded it already. I bought this guitar in March, and she arrived from Sweetwater
    on St. Patrick's day. They did a fine setup on it for me. I think I'm naming her Zelda anyway.
    The first mod was to get a TRC that says J-45 on it, because I'm sure people will say "Oh, what
    kind of guitar is that, I've never seen anything like it!"
    Gibson J-45.jpg
    So here she is in my grubby paws... I have had her out on the road already at a number of great
    gigs, so that I've made back a good chunk of what I paid for her. And that's good because if you've
    read my other posts, you know that I don't like to spend large money on any one instrument.
    This one set me back about $1600, which is more than I've ever spent on any guitar (not counting mods). But not so much that I couldn't just grab it.
    I'll have to sell some stuff to fund it, but I can do that.

    The next mod was a set of Waverly tuners... nothing wrong with the Grovers that came stock,
    but I wanted these for this guitar. An indulgence, but the whole thing is an indulgence.
    So here's what Waverly keys with ebony buttons look like on a new Gibson:
    Waverly Tuners@100.jpg
    I don't regret getting this instrument. It's my gift to myself for turning 70.
    It's got a fine tone, bright and crisp. Different enough from
    my other acoustics that this one gets its own place in the circus ring. This guitar does NOT sound
    like any J-45 I've ever heard. Maybe the walnut body and maple neck are what give this guitar
    its distinct sound. I don't think I've ever bought an acoustic guitar brand new before.

    We've had a number of "tone wood" discussions on this forum, but let me tell you, in the case of
    an acoustic guitar, tone wood is crucial. The effect of tone wood on the acoustic sound is everything.
    The spruce top, the Walnut bridge, the Tusq saddle and nut, the maple neck and the walnut back and sides all have an effect on the tone, unlike an electric guitar.

    This baby is still mellowing as we speak. Its tone has changed a bit in the nearly three months I've
    been playing it. I'm using bluegrass style "light top/ medium bottom" strings and am inclined toward phosphor bronze rather than 80/20. Zelda weighs about
    4.25 pounds. Very light IMHO.

    If Gibson can't survive, at least I did my part to help them, and I got a fine and unique
    instrument, made in Bozeman Montana in early 2018, before the sh*t hit the fan.
    Buying their guitars could save Gibson...

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    I would have to agree with this. Everything costs money

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