Divot where binding meets neck on SG

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Andrew Clope, Apr 1, 2020.

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    Mar 31, 2020
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    One last fit and finish question on this new guitar. I'm only asking this because my first SG that I received last week was cracked on both sides of the neck in this exact same location, running down the neck in the same line as the binding/neck joint. It appeared as though the fretboard was lifting or something. Regardless, that one went back and this one came.

    Now, this one seems to have a "divot" in that exact same location here. It was hard to get in a picture but you can see it in the light. Most Gibsons seem to have a "raised ridge" here, but this one has an inward divot running down that seam - and while it is slight, it is there.

    My fear is that this could be the beginning of a separation there or crack? Or is this also normal? Just want to make sure I look it over really well while still in the return period.

    Thanks everyone! IMG_2031.jpg
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    Normal from my experience.

    I currently have two SG from 2004 and 2006 with bound necks.
    One has the binding perfectly flush along the entire neck while the other one has the binding similar to your photo, but not as extreme.

    I've had other Gibsons in the past new and old with bound necks where some are perfect and some are not. It comes with the territory when products are mass-produced in a factory.

    It's not just the bound necks either. Some of my Gibsons including a Custom Shop LP Junior DC has the fingerboard not perfectly flush with the neck along the entire edge.

    If it bothers you, by all means send it back.

    Personally, it does not bother me as I tend to purchase guitars second hand and not examine details like that under a microscope. I just play them.
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    To me it appears like the person scraping (by hand) went a little too rough. It's not a big deal, just comes with the territory of someone doing it by hand. The cracks on both sides, if it followed the line of the fretboard, was just the reverse issue. The scraper didn't go "low" enough, i.e. they didn't scrape all the way down to the edge of the seam. when they do this, sometimes there is a finish crack that runs the length of the neck (or some of it). I mean it's possible that it was cracked, but these two "finish flaws" which I don't really consider flaws, just the reality of using nitro and hand scraping, have been common on many gibson's I've owned and played. They don't bother me one bit.
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    Feb 7, 2019
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