Dumb question about changing string gauges

Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by Mike CT, Oct 18, 2019.

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    Sep 6, 2019
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    My 2019 Standard has 9-46 D’Addario strings on it but I’d like to try 10-46. I like these 9-46s on my 2017 LP STD which has a medium fret instead of this SGs low fret, and I’m thinking the slightly thicker treble strings may feel a little better on these frets.

    If I switch strings will I need to have the guitar Re-set up? I do string changes all of the time but have never messed with a set up and just take it to a guitar tech for that. My gut tells me it is yes, but it is worth asking because the bass strings are the same gauges in both sets, it’s just the thinner treble strings that are a tad off.

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    Not dumb at all. There will be a wee bit of more neck relief but you will get away without a setup, unless you already have more relief than you like.

    Learning to do your own setups is worthwhile, it's not rocket science and frankly not worth paying someone else for ;)
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    You should also check the intonation when you're done. (Part of the set up)
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    I am not a set up guru like many here; full confession. But going up or down string sizers, which I do occasionally, should not be an issue for you in any way. All that said, if you for 11’s to 7’s it may be worth a dial in from a professional.

    My guitar was set up with 11’s. I moved to 10’s. No difference to me, feel or sound. But if I bumped down a few and was Sticking with it, I may spend a few bucks and have it dialed in.

    I am 100% a home player. So this is minor to me. Perhaps if your jumping into recording or on stage with (choose your idol), it is a small price to pay to be a spot on.

    As I mentioned, I play 10’s 99% of the time. But occasionally I give 9’s a go, and even pop down to 7’s after watching a Billy Gibbons interview. Did I have my guitar reset for those trials.... heck no. If I stick with them? For me, maybe
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    Going from lighter gauge to heavier gauge strings, make certain the nut slots are cut for the heavier gauge strings so that the strings do not bind in the nut slots and properly return to pitch when bending strings.
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