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Discussion in 'Other Guitars' started by mcdetroit586, Apr 23, 2019.

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    I have a question about a couple guitars that I will be selling that my cousin inherited from her brother. Both are Epiphone Sharaton-II Pros, both autographed by BB King. I'm trying to figure out what the autograph adds to the value of these. Does anyone know where one can go to for info like this or should I just test the market with them? (Start high and field offers on EBay or Reverb as an example)
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    First off - I'm no expert at all on these things, so please take the following with a pinch of salt! But from what I've seen discussed online recently:

    1] To have people take the signature seriously, it would help to have an accompanying photograph of the person signing the guitar. This is quite common, apparently, and without it, there may be few serious collectors who'll be interested.

    2] A signed guitar may actually be less desirable to a lot of people who would otherwise be interested in that model, so you've really got to rely on finding serious fans who also want to buy that guitar - they could just buy a signature for much less. :)

    3] Having a guitar that was played/owned by the person in question will have a much greater impact on the price than simply having a signature. But, of course, you really need to establish this, simply claiming it will do nothing to the price! Very often, the signature doesn't seem to add much at all. I've seen a guitar signed by Hendrix that's unsold despite a fairly modest price, (which I can't recall right now).

    Might be worth searching for people selling B. B. King signatures, or programs, photos, etc., signed by him, to establish what sort of value the signature has to begin with - if the guitars weren't played by him, I doubt the signature would be adding more than that to the value. (But, obviously, it's worth trying for as much as you can).

    Good luck with the sale. :)

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