Heaven and Hell dvd "Neon Nights Live In Europe" Iommi question

Discussion in 'General Music' started by vkgphil, Dec 22, 2010.

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    picked this up for myself this week and am watching in now as i post. brucewayne maybe this is one you can answer

    ok music is superb, ronnie's last recorded live performance with HAH etc. what's got me puzzled, and maybe this is a DUH question, but when tony rips into leads there is no drop of rhythm guitar sound at all. how are they doing that? its gotta either be recording or hidden guitarist off stage. no way is geezer filling it in on the bass, he is distinct with that signature growl... something is up.

    highly recommend you get this btw if you have thought about it and was on the fence regarding so.

    i got my copy at best buy for 13.99 (along with the classic albums RUSH 2112/Moving Pictures dvd too :) )

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