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    Hey everybody, Hi
    I am new here, but i am glad i joined you

    I am from Slovakia
    Have Been playing the guitar since 2004

    I had my first SG in 2009. It was black Epiphone 310. That one was so Bad....the body cracked where the neck is joined. While playing HIM - In venere veritas song....i wont forget that. I had the guitar since christmas and until May i had it in warranty repair three times. The electronics was so Bad and lousy ....but after the crack i returned the guitar. The guitar was never dropped on the floor or anything. Epiphone, never more. 199€ for low quality firewood....

    So in 2010 i bought Vintage VS6 cherry. I have the guitar ever since. Actually never had any major problems. Maybe just the fretboard. I doubt it is Made of the rosewood. And the trapezoid inlays are like when you purchase a fretboard with inlays from Aliexpress......wilkinson tuners and pickups are very solid tho! If it was possible i would get the fretboard removed and replaced for better one. It is pre-lawsuit so the body is pretty much like Gibson SG.

    And today, finally, i bought my first Gibson SG standard, finish is HC, and guitar is from 2009. A used guitar but only with normal playing wear on the finish. Frets are like new and the fretboard is absolutely the best, nice dark rosewood. I didnt have time to play it yet, but first impression is that the neck is slim and very comfortable, much better than vintage vs6 one altough i like the neck on vintage vs6 too, its just thicker like on my acoustic guitar
    The Gibson is lighter, my back will not even feel IT while playing it.

    I prefer 1mm Dunlop tortex guitar picks and 10 gauge strings (i was a fan of Dunlop strings) but the locao music shop stopped getting them so i switched to Ernie Balls.

    I love SGs!!! its the best lookong guitar i have ever Seen. Tony Iommi and Mikko Lindström are my fav SG players. Also i love the doublecut as i can reach All the frets so easily
    My favorite guitarists are: Randy Rhoads, John Fruciante and Steve Clark
    Most favorite band is Sum 41 especially the heavier stuff, not the pop punk albums like Underclass hero or All killer no filler

    I plan to hand build my own guitar sometimes, maybe SG type body but i also kind of like a Firebird body . Lets see what it will be. But i will only use local materials, i dont have an access to buy Mahagony, Ebony or Rosewood in Slovakia. And i wanna pick the wood myself. Not some random from the internet
    I was thinking about using maple or black locust or walnut.

    Yeah that would be it.
    I Also have two acoustic guitars and a bass guitar at home as well
    And another two acoustics i have at my old paps house and my first electric guitar is there too
    I dont play in any band, just for myself at home
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