Help me answer a 20 year question.

Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by azman42, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Col Mustard

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    Welcome to ETSG...

    +1 on many of my colleagues posts here...

    One of ETSG's folk wisdom mantras goes like this:


    That's how you know. Personally, I feel that the way to buy a
    guitar is to go where they sell them, and play as many as they'll let you.
    Buy the one that comes alive in your hands. If none does, keep looking.

    IMHO it isn't cosmetic details or decorations, or the color of the paint,
    or the shape of the P/G that matters. What matters is how it feels to
    play, how it sounds through your own signal chain (or one like it)
    and whether it balances or not. If you (by luck or persistence) happen
    to find a guitar that you bond with... buy that one, whatever the cost
    and never sell it. You'll play better music on a guitar like that.

    To me, these things are crucial. I own two SGs, and each of mine
    balances perfectly with no hands on the instrument.
    But I see plenty
    of posts on this forum by players whose SGs are head heavy, and will
    nose dive for the floor if you attempt to raise both hands like Angus does.

    I would not buy a guitar that was head heavy.
    Also, I would not buy a guitar based on what year it was made,
    or based on recommendations from strangers (like me) on the
    internet who know nothing about my music. I would certainly ask
    opinions, and read the responses, and consider what was said,
    and then I would try out as many as possible and make up my own

    I would buy a guitar that had the kind of pickups that make a tone
    I liked, and I would buy a used one in order to save some money,
    and then I would spend the money I saved on professional setup, a
    comfortable strap and a hard and durable case.

    Since I joined this forum, I have seen many posts by guys who bought
    a guitar without playing it first, and then began to find fault with it.
    These stories always make me a little sad. I've read posts where guys
    say, "My new Les Paul feels great in my hands, it's comfortable to play,
    it sounds great through my amp, BUT there's a flaw in the finish and I
    can't stand the idea that I paid so much for a guitar that isn't perfect."

    To me, the first three items are the only ones that are important.
  2. pancake81

    pancake81 Well-Known Member

    Apr 3, 2009
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    British Columbia, Canada




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  3. Girl_Rock

    Girl_Rock Active Member

    Aug 13, 2018
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    The last time I heard about AY Signatures in my country was in 2014. I was smiling when I knew in the music shop they had some of them, but I was also sad because they had just sold them all. :rofl: I'm still waiting for the model with the vibrola, I like it!

    My advice is to buy a similar guitar, which I'm quite sure it will cost you less than the AY Sign., and, if you want to, you can modify it (adding a maestro vibrola or changing tuning machines, pick-ups... or motherpearl frets with the thunders, like Angus' '80/'90 guitars). If you are not an expert about replacing or modifing guitars, searce on Amazon: you will find some interesting books for different models, a short history about them, how to add, modify or repaire all the parts of the guitar and so on.

    Well, where to start? I think Standards and Reissues are good models, both to play and to make similar to AY Sign.. Reissues are more expensive than Standards; they have a (little) different shape; their neck is joint in different position of the fretboard (19th on Std and 22th on Reis), which gives different stability (tuning and not), but it depends also on you (you may prefer one than the other because you feel it more comfortable); Pick-ups aren't the same; I think the bridge is also different...; Color and weight change between the two models too.
    The list is long. Here a link for the whole comparison, if you need it.
    A person explained very well their features. ;)

    Someone here has already told you which ones perform better than others, I can just quote their posts. To me Standard is the best for all the things you want to do: play, add, change... (sorry for the repetitiveness).

    I also agree with Pancake81, a real expert about Angus Young & co., as a lot of people here.

    In Rock we trust, it's Rock or Bust! :dude:
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  4. Girl_Rock

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    Aug 13, 2018
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    Ah, I forgot another thing: Epiphones are really good guitars. They don't cost much. If you want to, you can start playing from those amazing ones, but I don't suggest you to buy them to make an AY Sign.: you will have to modify everything and they're also heavier than Gibsons. They have some advantages, like the price and headstock angle (more stability for tuning), but you might spend more on change their setups than buy some Gib.
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  5. Tony M

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    Dec 14, 2004
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    An Angus Young SG will not make
    you sound like Angus Young.
    Neither will that Solo Dallas thingy,
    or a wall of Marshall amplifiers.

    Go hunt out an SG that feels right IN YOUR HANDS.

    Buy it.
    Play it.
    Keep it.

    Once that is done, you have your guitar.
    If you still want the AY once you have your guitar...

    Try it.
    Buy it?
    Maybe keep it maybe not.
    It may not measure up to your guitar.
    It may not even come close.

    I found my SG on Feb.1, 1969.
    It was in a used guitar shop in NYC.

    I tried it.
    I bought it.
    I still have it.

    Best of luck in your hunt.
  6. bluesfordan

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    May 9, 2016
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    I just picked up an SG Standard in July (2019) and it will do Angus just fine. What you really need is a good amp. Get thee over to Marshall Amp Forum. Personally, if you are sufficiently flush with cash, get a SV20H head, SV20 2x12 cabinet, and a Waza tube amp expander. You'll be right there.
  7. papagayo

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    Apr 3, 2018
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    The SG pictured on your 1st post is an SG Angus Young signature, '68 body design, slim taper neck profile, Angus humbuckers, etc ... Production from 2000 to 2007 (not sure)

    Temp 84.jpg
  8. Girl_Rock

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    Aug 13, 2018
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    I agree, the guitar can be only similar, maybe only the color and the weight can be closer.

    Has AY Sign. the same neck of Angus' ones? I know it's different from other SGs, just to know it. Other things (exept pick-ups) should be the same of an SG Standard, according to this Gibson post, which I found right now:

    What does it mean "the tones are bypassed"? How can you do it? I read this in the website above, they said it's to make the pick-up output louder and brighter. Also Solo Dallas wrote something about it on it's website...
  9. cerebral gasket

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    Jan 13, 2017
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    There are no rules that a specific guitar has to be used to play a specific type of music.

    Choose the guitar that works for YOU, which may be different from what works for someone else.
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  10. ricardo_vicente

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    Smart advice. I have a 2014 which is a great guitar without the Min-ETune ...

  11. arcticsg

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    Far Side of the Sun
    I agree, they are an awesome guitar...


    ...even WITH the tuners ;)


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