How does one determine the model # of Tokai SG?

Discussion in 'SG Copies' started by skydog6653, Jul 3, 2018.

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    Just reading this thread guys as I have been looking at the world of guitars and find some stunning quality out there. I have a Washburn Idol from 2005 made at the World music factory in Korea which rivals any Les Paul i have ever had. Even the design is quite different. Build quality is excellent. Having a business and dealing with products made in both China and Japan (due to raw material availability) there is no contest to the consistent quality of Japan. I have been looking at vintage Grecos and Burny as well as Fujigen made guitars (have an 85 Fender strat contemporary which is fantastic and made at Fugigen) as well as now looking at Tokai guitars. The numbers on those have varied due to the YEN, but they are definitely placed in 3 catagories, Traditional (Chinese made now) which have maple necks (think SGJ) and Vintage with Mahogany 2 pc bodies and neck (Think SG Standard with poly finish), and the Premium which is supposed to have the one piece body and finer details (Think VOS or similar with lacquer finish).. I would love to learn more but information is quite hard to come by. If you look at the so called model numbers (love to see the bridge pickup cavity or under the pickup of an OEM) the Traditional seems to run from # 43-65S (65S is a custom) and the Vintage from 80's - 90's in number.. while the Premiums run in the 100's.. Love to see the list by years.. as the currency valuation in Japan is not relevant as it is outside Japan, but the sequence must determine the age of a model by its number. The Love Rock guys should know this for Les Pauls..

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