Jam Track Blues in A- Play along and Post it.

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    It has been a while since I recorded a Jam track so I thought I do one. If you are interested in playing it and posting your take here it would be cool. I will post a couple of my takes to get things going ...

    Jam Track

    Moody Blues Take

    Take 1

    Please feel free to have at it! Blues party!
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    Final Edit/Update!!!:

    Apologize for me keeping editing the track and uploading new versions, but promise this will be the final version.

    From the first version I remixed the guitar, did a bit of EQ'ing and added some compression and delay to it, recorded some vocals, though there isn't really much singing going on, as well as I added a couple of ambient effects to the track.

    All in all it ended up sounding very much like a regular real song, and having a somewhat psychedelic flavor to it.

    Here's my contribution:

    Jazzy Folkman Got the Blues Jammed Down [by Jacob Læby, based on a backing track by Dale Pietrzak] :

    I think it is pretty obvious from my solo that I am not really into blues, not sticking strictly to what usually would be considered traditional for the genre, perhaps adding a bit more folky and jazzy touch, and after my final mix, where, beside some vocals, a bit of delay on the guitar and a couple of ambient effects was added, also a somewhat psychedelic flavor.

    But thank you for a nice challenge.

    I did however dare to change the sound of the backing track a little, a bit more to my personal liking, even if there is nothing wrong with how you posted either, by copy pasting it to 4 tracks total and then playing a bit with compressor, equalizer, reverb, some exciter, and even a very subtle chorus effect on one of the copied tracks, as well as I cut the highest frequency content with an EQ of another of the copied tracks and ran it through a bass amp VST, and then panning the 4 differently manipulated copied tracks slightly differently.

    Hope that is alright with you?

    All in all it resulted in a slightly increased sense of space when listening to the backing track, making it a little less dry sounding, and a little more pronounced in the high mids/high frequency area, as well running the high-cut track through a bass amp VST gave the bass a slight touch of grid, a bit more attack and definition, and made it sound slightly more lively, though I guess the difference is pretty subtle in the mix anyway.

    Here's my signal chain for the recording:

    Epiphone SG Special>>
    >> Joyo Orange Juice (for overdrive)> Zoom G1Xon (for a touch of plate reverb)> Joyo American Sound (used as clean preamp)> Artec SE-EQ8 (8 band graphic equalizer)
    >> Peavey XR600B Mixer Amp (set completely flat, using the Monitor Out (line out))
    >> Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic 100 (tube preamp)
    >> M-Audio Fast Track (audio device)
    >> Reaper (DAW)

    The guitar was copied and split to 2 tracks afterwards, panned about 20% in opposite directions, one of them mixed lower than the other, both having some fairly subtle compression added, but with the track highest in the mix otherwise being left untouched, though slightly more compressed, while the track lowest in the mix were EQ'ed a bit and had a stereo tape-esque delay effect added, featuring a chorus effect and high and low -pass filter, adding modulation to and cutting the lows and highs of the repeated signal, and dialed in with a shorter delay time for one side and a longer for the other, cross fading back and forth between the two sides.

    The ambient effects I created by bouncing out short pieces of the main track, including my recorded guitar, then running them through some effects, including a delay effect with the feedback control turned up really high, then bouncing those manipulated pieces out again, and finally pasting them out on dedicated tracks a couple of strategically chosen places along the main track.

    I did also remember to credit you in the video description and linked to both the original backing track and your YouTube channel.
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