"New" Amp Day... And a terrible idea for it.

Discussion in 'Amps & Cabs' started by Clifdawg, Sep 21, 2018.

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    Well, it's definitely "new" in the sense that it just came out of the box, but it's not "new" to me. Had to send my old Blackstar ID:Core 10 V2 in for replacement under warranty because it developed a grounding issue that was making my electric guitar a little too... Electric-y. As in, it was sending electric current into the guitar, through the bridge, and into the strings, making playing guitar a bit of a, shall we say, shocking experience. The exhorbitant cost of UPS shipment gladly eaten, I now have a new one at home. :dude:


    Now, for my terrible idea: you'll likely notice it's sitting directly on top of an Acoustic bass amp (15w, 10" speaker), which also works surprisingly well for guitar - throw a solid OD in front of it and it's a killer lightweight rig.

    Since the Blackstar is technically a 2x5-watt stereo rig... And the Acoustic is 15-watts mono... I'm wondering what would happen if I bought a cheap-o Amazon ABY splitter and turned this into the world's tiniest, cheapest, and most adorable wet-dry-wet rig.

    It serves no purpose. I get that.

    Should I do it? Or should I not? :hmm::hmm:
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    I don't know, have a go and see if you like it.

    Both of the pictures look like the least formidable "stacks" in history, not that that's a bad thing, just made me think about how much things have changed. Then it made me think of this,

    and it made me smile to think of a band onstage with rows of 40cm high amp stacks behind them.

    EDIT: Just noticed the white SG Special in the photo too!
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