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Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by Siamese, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Siamese

    Siamese New Member

    Jul 20, 2019
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    Hello from Muskegon, Michigan. I'm currently awaiting my new, 2019 SG Standard.

    I had a 1961 Les Paul Jr. (SG) for a couple years back in the early 70's. It's the one guitar I wish I'd never sold. And, about 1980, I had one of the Firebrand SG's, which was a nice guitar and played great. And then, in about 2007, I had a new SG. Forget the model, but gloss mahogany with 490 exposed pups, and a dot neck. Oops...sold that one, too. Now I play a Strat, but miss having a Gibson.

    I was the Gibson factory rep for Michigan back in the late 70's, during the Norlin years. That was a fun job, and one of these days I'll do a post about the company's philosophy on guitars at that time. Forty years ago, and I don't think I've forgotten a thing.

    My new SG will be here in a couple days. It's coming from Sweetwater, where (as you probably know) they provide pictures of the actual guitar you order and allow you to select from several. It certainly appears that the four I was able to choose from all had one piece bodies. Interesting.
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  2. Col Mustard

    Col Mustard Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2009
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    Welcome to ETSG! and congratulations on getting an excellent guitar.

    I have bought a number of items from Sweetwater, including a couple of instruments
    and the service from this outfit has been great. Both of the instruments I got from
    Sweetwater were set up quite well.

    Greetings from Grass Lake, Michigan... although we have members here from around
    the world.

    Personally, I would love to read your remembered experiences, working for Gibson in the
    '70s. Many of our members are young enough to think this is ancient history, and maybe
    it is. But I remember. I was a paper boy in the sixties, and I remember reading about
    Gibson's labor conflicts in those times. Michigan was a hotbed of labor/management
    strife in those days, and all collective actions made the news. I believe that Norlin's
    move to Nashville was partly driven by the power of the unions in Michigan at the time.
    Tennessee was not a state that was friendly to unions then, or now. The bosses just
    decided to ship the jobs somewhere they could pay guys less, and no one could do anything
    about it.

    That's the way I remember it. I'm not set in stone about my opinions, but am interested
    in hearing from someone who actually worked for Norlin during those years.

    AND I've always drooled over the idea of owning one of those Walnut SGs from like 1979,
    the ones with the Velvet Brick...
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  3. Chubbles

    Chubbles Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2016
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    Welcome! Congrats on the SG. Sweetwater is awesome. I too would love to hear about what it was like there back then.

    My Gibson regret is not buying the L6S that I fell in love with. I had a lower budget. Unfortunately, I was a kid in the late 70s.
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  4. Tony M

    Tony M Well-Known Member

    Dec 14, 2004
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Enjoy your new guitar.

    The Norlin years...
    I would be interested in that too.

    Since we seem to be listing them, my never should have sold
    it Gibson was an old ES 355 TDC-SV I bought used in 1971.
    It is at the very top of my "What was I thinking" list.
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  5. GrumpyOldDBA

    GrumpyOldDBA Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2018
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    Hey welcome to the forum and congrats on your new axe!

    Pictures or it didn't happen we need pics more pics lots of pics!

    I am hanging out in Cleveland but represent my hometown of Lansing Michigan. Lets go Spartans!

    Ann Arbor and Detroit also ha ha. The wife and I have over the years contemplated buying something on the lake up in St. Ignace ( just over the bridge ) but who knows.

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