New Piece: Rock'n the Blues in Spring 2019

Discussion in 'Jams, Audio & Video Performances' started by Dale, Apr 21, 2019.

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    Here is a piece for the spring of 2019. Happy Easter! An up-tempo rock infused blues piece. It is not perfect as my hands are not what they once were (paraphrasing Toby).

    The bass was played on a Jaguar Short Scale into Torpedo CAB. Bass is double tracked and panned hard left and right. Drums are an arrangement using Beta Monkey loops. The Gibson SG Special with mini humbuckers was run into an Orange Rockerverb MkIII.

    The bass player feels the guitar player is just “too much” (not in a good way). The guitar player still feel the bass player plays bass like a guitar player. A suitable studio drummer is still being used as the original drum has still not returned from his last endeavor.

    All the various personality parts hope you enjoy it!

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