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Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by John J, Jan 22, 2009.

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    My wife just called me and said that there is a computer virus going around that is nasty. It comes as an e-mail with the subject MAIL SERVER REPORT. Don't open it. She said someone at her work did and their system is down. Where she works is fairly large with a pretty fancy spyware system.
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    hadn't heard of that one but thanks for the heads up. I did hear about the usb drive virus though and it is a nasty one too. I used to transfer files with a usb drive all the time but have totally stopped doing that. Just too risky and my laptop is my life when I am on the road.
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    in my own little world... apparently
    john j -->

    ORF ---> Pentagon Bans USB Drives Over Virus Threat

    They haven't gone so far as to glue-up the USB connectors on their PCs, but the Pentagon has temporarily banned removable media of any type. This includes flash memory drives, external hard drives, CDs, devices that can be used as removable media (like an iPod) and so on.


    According to Wired, it's a reaction to a worm, Agent.btz, which is spread whenever a new partition or USB drive is detected on the system.

    When an infected USB drive is attached to a different PC, it infects that one.

    However, this seems to me to be another example of just how inept the Defense Department can be. This worm is 5 months old. Any up-to-date antivirus program can stop it. Yet they have to resort to banning USB drives instead of simply installing and / or updating their antivirus softare.

    Seeing as how most consumers have it drummed into their heads that they need antivirus software on their systems, one has to wonder who's running the IT show over there.
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    Jan 9, 2006
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    Milano, Italy
    it's just a basic security measure, it has nothing to do with viruses imho

    with cheap, really small and easy concealable 32Gb usb drives for sale everywhere

    whoever could steal enormous amounts of classified or sensible data in the time you spell usb

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