NGD: Ltd. Epi Tony Iommi SG 2015

Discussion in 'Epiphone SG' started by HackeIommi, May 23, 2019.

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    May 8, 2019
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    This guitar is the guitar ended my SG torment I wrote before. Beautiful 2015 Ltd Epiphone Tony Iommi. A dark, beefy SG in my dreams. %95 a keeper in the future. Bought as 2nd hand. Cut a bone nut, disconnected tone pots to make a little bit more bright and open sound.

    SAM_6548.JPG SAM_6552.JPG SAM_6553.JPG
    And this is the wood they used. Here was a scratch. I sanded this tiny area but kept to see the wood grain.


    Note: I erased a bucket and a stool from the first picture. We don't need to see them, right :D
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