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Discussion in 'Effects' started by Worblehat, Sep 23, 2018.

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    Mar 14, 2018
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    Just got my first looper. I had a few models in mind and eventually settled for the Hotone Wally+ (btw. its pronounced "Hot Tone" :naughty: ).

    Its a great little thing!


    I tried the Boss RC-3, the EHX 360 and the Hotone at a store. I liked the EHX 360 a lot for its simplicity, but I was looking for more recording time and USB as I want to use it not only for looping but also for on the fly recording of whole songs. On the other hand the RC-3 has too many features and is a bid too complex for my liking. I don't need it's drum tracks.

    Instead I instantly fell in love with the Wally+. Has all the features I need (multiple memory slots, hours of recording time and USB) but still a dead simple interface. Feels sturdy and even my girl friend likes it because "it's so cute". :thumb:
    It has true bypass. When activated I hear a difference in the tone (gets a little brighter), but I don't mind.
    The foot switch is perfect. It has light "click" to give you feedback, but it's still very easy to toggle.

    The only point of criticism I got is that I need a specific software to transfer the tracks to the PC. I don't like that, especially because I am a Linux user. The Boss RC-3 seems to be the only looper that does not require additional software.

    So all in all: I can absolutely recommend the Wally+ :smile:

    Does any one have experience with other Hotone pedals? They seem to give a lot of bang for the bug.

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    I don't have experience with any Hotone pedals, but actually just browsed for looper pedals at my preferred net instrument shop and got interested in the Hotone Wally+, that I pondered on getting at some point myself.

    Seems like it beats all other manufactures in terms of recording time and features at that price point, and certainly when it comes to size at any price point.

    However you mentioning that it changes your tone when engaged, even if only subtly, when engaged, makes it a no go for me.

    A shame, cause I really really liked the idea about being able to change the speed/pitch of the loops, and I wouldn't mind being able to store loops on 11 different memory slots (phrases) and having all that recording time at my disposal either, as well as it's tiny size is a small plus as well for me.

    Seems like I will have to be without that feature though, since I am not willing to pay much more and don't want it to be larger than max around the size of a Boss pedal, and will probably get the Digitech JamMan Express XT instead when It's time for me to buy a looper pedal, even if it won't let me change the pitch and speed of my loops, and only allows me to store one memory slot of maximum 10 minutes, compared to the Hotone's 11 memory slots (phrases) of max 30 minutes each, and in the same quality, I don't mind the bigger size of the Digitech though, even if smaller would have been better it's still within an acceptable size to me.

    The Digitech will be ever so slightly cheaper too, but not by any margin that really counts.

    I am wondering though if the slight brightening of the tone you experience when the Hotone is engaged could be due to it interacting with buffers in other of your effect pedals, have you tried running it alone to see if it still does this? (Just took a look at your post again, and judging from the picture, that can't really be the issue. Damn, I was hoping for a way to make it work for me.)

    I would really love the idea of getting this pedal if it didn't have that issue, perfect for my needs both feature, size and price wise, just, as said, if it in any way messes with my tone it unfortunately will make it useless for me.

    Anyway, I am glad it works for you despite that issue, so congratulations with your first looper pedal. :fingersx:
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