Open tuning and SG neck

Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by cigblues3, Jan 10, 2018.

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    You can put any gauge you want on them and it wouldn't be enough to snap the neck or head. If it's that much of a worry people can tweak the truss rod slightly to alleviate any fears. But, it's not really needed. Not for this perceived problem, anyway.

    As the good Col noted above, it's just a matter of the heads and necks being a slight more weak in relation to handling abnormal hits or dings like doing the dreaded belly flop out of a guitar stand or something.

    If someone has actual documented proof of any Gibson model neck or headstock being snapped simply from string tension or an alternate tuning, I'd love to see it :)
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    naw, there's no such... Gibson makes great guitars. And they are very
    strong indeed. Mahogany is traditional wood for making guitar necks as well
    as other instrument necks. It's been used for centuries I'm sure.

    I tend to give new members who've just bought their first Gibson
    some dire warnings about the weak spot. Prevention's better than cure, eh?

    Compared to a Fender guitar, or some of the imports like Ibanez or Yamaha,
    Gibson necks need more protection. If you start your guitar career on a Fender,
    you might get spoiled by how tough and durable they are. You might not treat
    your new Gibson with the respect that it deserves. Don't clonk it into things...

    But string tension is small compared to the "abnormal hits and belly flops" we were
    talking about. The Gibson SG was designed way back in like 1960, when guitar
    strings came in one gauge: HEAVY... and they were simply called "guitar strings.'

    No slinkies, no bullet heads, no ultra lights, no med bottom/light top... no
    phospher bronze, no Reverend 007s, no Elixers or any coated strings... Just good
    ol' Black Diamond guitar strings. I remember it was about 1964 before I ever
    heard about
    "Flat Wound strings..." I thought, "what a cool concept."
    We called those "Dollar slicks..." I was 15 or 16 then.

    Anyway, don't worry about the strings or the tunings. Your Gibson is tough enough
    to take all those in stride. I use 11s on my two SGs, and they are bendable, they
    stay in tune and they ring like a bell. I also never break strings, using 11s and a .5 mm
    pick. The picks wear down and rip first. I use tens on other electrics, and also have
    trouble free play.
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