Overhauled my FX chain

Discussion in 'Effects' started by maxguitar, Jun 24, 2005.

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    Dec 14, 2004
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    During last week's gig, very first song, my very first solo, I stepped on my "boost" switch and my sound took a big CRAAP. It was so lame and painful to all within hearing range... I got the other guitarist to finish the solo while I disconnected my board and played the rest of the gig running directly into the amp, which was pretty disappointing. Then and there I decided it was time to ditch the 9V batteries and the pegboard pedalboard...

    So I got myself a real board...
    Got myself a voodoo lab power supply...
    And finally got to use alllll the pedals I haven't plugged in because they eat the batteries. It's awesome but a little too much tone drain, so I decided I needed a line selector. I spent a long ass time trying to find a deal on a Boss LS-2 (which was a little more than I needed) before I found the Loooper which will let me turn off all the non true-bypass pedals when i don't need 'em...

    From the reviews it sounds like the manufacturer is a great guy, their prices are great! I got a really small, simple one-button true bypass loop switch for $42! So when I get this thing, my pedalboard is gonna look like:

    EB volume pedal->Vox Wah->TS-808->Loop: Daddy O Overdrive->EHX small stone ->Boss Tremolo->Boss PS-3-> out to amp

    whew! Somebody make me stop spending $$$$!!!!!

    Just thought i'd share that, especially the loooper thing.
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    Dec 12, 2004
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    My Brother in law did a gig on the 3rd and I went to see him. He had the 5 Looper and a bunch of pedals going into his Bogner amp and to a Mesa Boogie 2 x 12 cab loaded with Celestion Vintage 30's.

    He left all the pedals on and active and inserted them into the chain with the looper when he wanted. It is the perfect pedal accessory. He sounded great and the thing worked perfect!

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