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    The ETSG Classifieds section of is being provided as an additional service to our users. The following are the rules and guidelines associated with this section of the site.

    We, the staff of are in no way responsible for the business conducted in this section. We are simply providing this space as a way for our members to buy and sale personal items. We in no way support the sellers claim of quality or authenticity, neither can we provide any way to guarantee that a buyer will actually pay for any item they wish to purchase. We do not offer any mediation or other dispute settlement in cases where one or both parties to a transaction are dissatisfied, regardless of the reason or circumstances.

    We will remove, immediately, any posts regarding the sale or discussion of illegal items or methods, or discussions that in our judgment may have anything to do with illegal activities. This will be affected by both US and UK laws.

    The ETSG Classifieds section will be used strictly for the sale of personal items. The advertisements should be used to list the item, its description, and its price. Please limit photographs to one image to show the products general condition, and described features. Conduct all other business (negotiation of prices, providing additional photographic images, terms, etc.) via email, PM or some other private communication.

    The ETSG Classifieds are only for user to user sales of personal items. The ETSG Classifieds are not for any commercial sales (business to user, business to business or user to business), except where the express permission of has been granted to a commercial (re)seller to trade within this section.

    We reserve the right to remove any post from this section without notice or explanation, and our decision is final.

    General Guidelines:

    The ETSG Classifieds section is FREE to all ESG members who want to sell their personal items only.

    Know or research the user that you're doing business with. Make sure that they're an active member of the community here at Feel free to ask about the seller in the ETSG General forum section.

    Please report anyone suspected of running a scam to the admin or moderator. Our sole remedy, when scams are reported, is to remove the advertisement. It is still the responsibility of each individual buyer, or seller, to protect themselves from scams or bad deals.

    Please enjoy using this section and keep it alive by not abusing it to the point where we decide to remove it. All ads will be removed after 30 days and the original poster can re-list an item for an additional 30 days as many times they wish.

    Many Thanks,
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    Thanks for the membership !
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    Can you please change the colour of the font you are using for the link? Dark blue against dark grey is essentially illegible. Contrast please.

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