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    A short noodling video of the SG with a Helix and L3T FRFR speaker. Been using this setup a few months now and it sounds great. Been experimenting with new blocks to give a more amp in the room feel to it. Used this setup exclusively for practice with the band, and already have a show under our belt and another coming up on November 18th. I got a ton of unexpected compliments on the tone from the last show.

    Video is shot with just a phone in the room, it's not meant to be a demo of what Helix can do with a DAW in a full mix - but just what it can do in place of an amp. Using the looper on this one, and excuse the mindless noodling, wasn't trying to make a full production out of this... Was just a quick demo.

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    Damn, those are some nice licks. Awesome playing :thumb:
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