So I wrote a performance and recorded it with all my guitars and my sitar...

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    It finally became a lot of spoken texts (70 minutes), and I recorded 8 of the monologues with an American actress and seven musicians. That was called "Northern Voices" and I have posted some of it here already.

    But now it all was kept together like a piece of Theatre act, and we planned to set it up on a Theatre here in Gothenburg. But that´s very difficult off course, the national Theatre scene is not for everyone to enter without permission, so finally I decided to record it all myself. I read all the texts, played my seven guitars, and also used my Electric sitar that I bought from New Delhi recently. One of the monologues sounds like this; I play sitar and has tuned down my Yamaha SA2200 to EB and play a raga-scale, before the monologue starts. My son recorded, mixed and mastered, and he also plays the bass-synth (our first joint project):


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