So let's see those pedalboards!!!

Discussion in 'Effects' started by Phildog, May 8, 2013.

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    How do you like the new green Big Muff? I always liked the Russian made Big Muff's a lot more than the NYC version(s).. The Russian ones were total garbage build-quality wise in the early 2000's. I probably went through three of the big black yellow font ones, they kept breaking but damn did they sound good! This new green one is supposed to use the same circuit design as the old green Big Muff, and the POS bulky black one. I'm not going to lie, the combination of the better NYC build quality and the Russian circuit has me excited! :D
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    It sounds amazing, and very usable tones with the knobs set in any position. It's actually my first real Muff (had a cheap Biyang awhile back) and I'm very impressed, especially considering the price. As far as build quality, I've only had the thing for two days but it seems quite solid, the flat green military paint job probably helps in that regard. I'd definitely recommend checking it out.
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