Soon to be NGD - Harley Benton GuitarBass (Bass VI clone, that I plan to tune A-A, like a baritone)

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    So I dropped the plans about getting myself a Yamaha Revstar guitar coming the end of this month, next time I get money, and instead I plan getting a Harley Benton GuitarBass VS, which is a Fender Bass VI clone, which again is a 30" scale guitar meant to be tuned in standard E tuning, like a regular guitar, only one octave lower, making it's 4 lowest strings cover the same range as a 4 string bass.

    I however plan to restring it with gauge .072 - .056 - .042 - .032 - .024 - .014 strings, the .014 gauge being a plain steel string and the five other being nickle round wound steel strings, and tune it A1 - D2 -G2 -C3 -E3 -A3, as in a low standard A baritone guitar tuning.

    I kind of plan to use it for my alternative folk project, instead of my current electric guitar, as I think the darker tuning would suit the tunes I written for this project, mainly involving finger picking, and fill out some more sonic space.

    I also plan sometimes running it through my TC Electronic Sub'n'Up Mini octaver pedal, with an octave up blended in, to fill out even more sonic space, and kind of giving the effect of a 12 string baritone guitar with pairs of octave strings.

    I formerly did this with my bass with good results.

    The Harley Benton GuitarBass generally get good reviews, and the general consensus seems to be that it is amazing value for the money, costing just about what equals 155$.

    Here's a review and good demonstration of it, though tuned in standard E, an octave lower than a regular guitar, as it is actually meant for:

    This is how it looks:

    Though eventually I plan to paint the pickguard matte black (or very dark gray) and swap out the pot knobs for a pair of transparent lampshade knobs, that I already got.

    Which would make it look like this:

    The specs can be read here:
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