Sound Test of My New Used Peavey Solo Special 112. (updated sound test)

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    And new sound test, after I stuck an EHX Black Finger (tube driven optical compressor) into the Send/Return effects loop of the amp.

    Just be aware that I broke a nail since last recording, so some notes will sound weaker than intended, not the setup's fault: Peavy Solo Sound Test.mp3?dl=0

    Here is a sound test of my new used Peavey Solo Special 112, 160W, 1 x 12", SS combo amp, recorded through my tube condenser microphone (link to DropBox, and if you are not logged in a box might pop up when clicking the link encouraging you to sign up to DropBox, blocking for the audio player, in that case just click with your mouse in the window beside it and it'll disappear, making the audio player accessible): Solo Special Sound Test.mp3?dl=0

    No other effects than my effect pedals used, exactly as recorded.

    My signal path:

    Epiphone SG Special>>

    Joyo Orange Juice (light/medium overdrive, as well as dirty boost for the GDI21 dist)> Behringer GDI21 (always used in conjunction with the Joyo Orange Juice for high gain dist, using the California (Mesa Boogie) setting)> Behringer UT100 Ultra Tremolo> Boss LS-2 [A+B Mix<->Bypass]> ={ Loop A of LS-2 Send> Monarch MFL-22 (flanger, most often used in conjunction with the phaser in effects Loop B)> Behringer UV300 Ultra Vibrato (practically functioning as a deep lush chorus effect, as clean signal is mixed with the effected signal)> Loop A of LS-2 Return >||< Loop B of LS-2 Send> XVive V6 Phaser King> Loop B of LS-2 Return (when phaser is not activated Loop B functions as empty parallel clean effects loop, with the effect/clean mix ratio set at about 60/40) }= / Bypass> Output of LS-2> Zoom G1Xon (always on subtle plate reverb, as well as other reverb and delay effects)> Harley Benton American Sound (relabeled Joyo, always on preamp)> Artec SE-EQ8 Graphic EQ (8 band graphic equalizer, always on)

    >> Peavey Solo Special 112

    >> Supreme TU-97 (tube condenser microphone)> Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic 100 (tube preamp)> Edirol FireWire FA-101 (audio interface)> Reaper (DAW)

    Note that my guitar really need new strings, they are a bit dead.

    And I suppose I should add it's all finger picking.

    This is the amp, removed the logos my self:

    And this is my guitar:
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