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    Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me with my vastly varying string tension across a couple of my SGs. I have 2 SG standards and a 60s Tribute, all set up with very similar action and neck relief, with 10 gauge strings.
    The 2 standards are very similar, just the right amount of tension but the tribute is like playing with rubber bands on in comparison. Is there some hidden missing factor I’m missing here that could make this difference? I know I could go up a gauge but I’d rather keep them as 10s if possible as I use it as a backup for the standards so would like them to be as close as possible
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    If the scale length and string gauge are the same, then the tension is the same. One thing that can make strings easier to bend is slightly higher frets. You don't need a grip of death to exert enough force to move them.
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    From my experience, a sharper string break angle over the bridge will make the strings feel stiffer when bending and a more shallow string break angle will make the strings feel like rubber bands when bending.

    Compare the string break angles on all your SG. Adjust accordingly by either raising or lowering the tailpiece height to change the string break angle over the bridge. If any of them have the strings top wrapped over the tailpiece, you will end up with a very shallow string break angle over the bridge and the strings will feel like playing rubber bands.

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