Switch ring poker chips other than Rhythym/Treble

Discussion in 'General Music' started by AngelDeVille, Jul 23, 2017.

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    yes, the labeling on the poker chip actually predates rock an roll...
    the Les Paul guitar was intended to be a Jazz guiter when it was designed.
    Rock an roll didn't exist outside of the black music scene, which was highly
    restricted in those days by oppressive legislation, brutal public opinion and
    killer cops.

    Now we feel like we don't need any label to tell us how to play.
    But when the Les Paul guitar was first designed, the idea of "Lead Guitar"
    had not been invented yet. Guitarists were part of the rhythm section and
    played in the back line, going chunka chunka chunka... the melody lines were
    played by the trumpet guys, and the saxophone guys and the clarinets.

    The electric guitar changed all that... and enabled the guitarist to step out and
    take a solo. He needed to flip to the "treble" p'up in order to cut through the rest
    of the band and get noticed. The electric guitar enabled a four piece band to get
    people dancing just as crazy as a ten piece swing or bee-bop group used to do...
    The club owners figured that out in a hurry and the next thing you know, the trumpet
    players and the clarinet guys and the Trombone sliders were walking down Route 66.
    The Sax guys were allowed to stay, they had their own mojo. *grins
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