Switching pickups from one guitar to another ?

Discussion in 'Pickups' started by DrBGood, Jan 6, 2019.

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    Some time ago, I won a nice set of Precious and Grace PAFs from Tyson Tone. They went directly in my SG400 Vintage and sounded ... precious.

    Precious and Grace-.jpg

    Then I put a pair of Probuckers in my LP Ultra and it made it come alive even more than it already was. Rich and full tone.

    V2 body 1.jpg

    As an experiment, I then switched the pups between them. I remembered seeing a video of Tyson's PAFs in a LP and they did sound heavenly. I also thought that the new SG400 were coming with Probuckers, so why not try that. maybe I was missing big on something.

    Before the switch, the SG sounded clear and bright, just what you expect from a good SG. The LP sounded fat and testicular (like someone I know would say).

    Once they got their transplant, I played them back to back for a week to see what had changed. Was it for the better ?

    No it wasn't. Both guitars now sounded pretty similar, either on a clean channel or with OD. I played them on the Super Champ XD with a 2X12 cab, then with a 2X10. I played them on the other Super Champ XD 1X12 combo I have rebuilt. I played them on the Katana 100. Every time, they sounded very close one to another. There was a difference, but barely.

    Tyson's PAFs are really articulate with incredible string to string definition, even with OD. As the Probuckers are more ... how could I say ... meaty ? Yeah that's it. So by putting meaty pups on a guitar with a heavily chambered thick body, it makes that guitar sound full and sexy. Tyson's Precious & Grace on the other hand, marry well with the SG thin body and it's closer to the bridge pups location.

    If I had done that to start with, I might have eventually been inclined to want to get rid of one of the two, because they would have sounded to similar. I don't particularly like playing with a soldering Iron, but this time it was worth it.
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    "Testicular." We have a new sound descriptor. [​IMG]

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    I don’t switch pickups often, but I had a set in an old strat and switched them to a Charvel.

    The bridge pickup sounded very thin so I put a hotter one in it and it solved the problem.

    Neck and middle we’re fine.
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    But haven't you heard, Mr. Good?
    tOnE wOoDs Is A mYtH

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