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    Just purchased a Gibson SG 6 string a few days ago, and I will thank everyone in advance for any help or advice!

    First off- I have played the bass for 33 years as my primary instrument. However, back in the 80s I bought 2 cheap 'starter' lead guitars (one acoustic, one electric) mainly to write on. They are the type that you have to really press down HARD in order to get them to play.

    I have health issues that prevent me from playing in a band, but I have been trying to learn about computer recording in order to exorcise the crazy music in my head.

    The 2 lead guitars I own were obviously not up to task, so I decided to jump in the deep end and buy a REAL guitar! I went ahead and bought a new Gibson 2016 HP SG Standard P-90 Heritage Cherry!

    I find that I am having 2 different similar problems. Problem 1: because of bass playing and worse those starter guitars, I am pressing entirely too hard on the strings. This causes the notes to come out warbly, especially when I am playing an open chord.

    Problem #2 creates a similar unwanted warbly effect: I 'anchor' my right forearm to the body of the guitar to 'lock in' and when I am nervous I will pull my left hand back. It takes almost no movement to make the whole guitar bend. I even noticed a bend when moving the guitar gently back from the edge of my knee towards my body... and I don't even have my left hand on the guitar!

    Of course when I press down/bend neck at the same time it creates a built in <ahem> flanger! Might be exciting, if only it sounded GOOD!

    The guitar has a GFORCE tuner. I know that people have mixed feelings about them, but the lure of not having to obsess over tunings sounds like a miracle to me! (Guilty admission: I get annoyed at having to drop D my bass at times!) I prefer to PLAY rather than fiddle around with gear etc.
    Anyway... I am loving the GFORCE. But, here is a VERY ODD thing: it tunes up just fine, sounds great. I wanted to see how well this brand new guitar hold tune up and down the neck, so I recently bought one of those SNARK clip ons (brilliant BTW) and found that the guitar was NOT in tune! It was in tune with itself, but instead of A 440, it was closer to say 444. (each subsequent string was the same distance of course.)

    Tried it out on all the tuners I own, a Korg TM50, a Boss TU12 as well as the A 440 tone on my Matrix MR 500 metronome and the offset distance was the same.

    I realise that the GFORCE is new and may need adjustments, but before delving into that I decided to plug the SG into Mixcraft 7 to do some comparison recording. The tuner in Mixcraft 7 also had the SG at about A444 instead of A440. Nevertheless, I just played some E quarter notes for 2 measures. Then on another track programmed the same E quarter notes.

    NOW HERE IS WHERE THINGS GET REALLY STRANGE! They sound in tune together!

    Puzzled by this I grabbed my bass and tuned it up to Mixcraft. Played same 2 measure sequence on another track.

    They ALL sound in tune together!

    More data: I then tried out Yousician free software. On THEIR tuner, the SG was out of tune and I had to tune down manually.

    Supremely odd, and now I am hesitant to make any adjustments to GFORCE.
    I may be overlooking something foolish, but I did all of these things in front of my wife to get a second pair of eyes on it.
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    WELCOME and congrats on the new axe --pics are always appreciated.
    Bass is not a bad thing here I myself own four and many of the members here "dabble in the dark arts" of bass ;)

    Practice and time will help you find your right "feel" for the strings/pressure etc. do not give up keep at it.

    I have ZERO experience with the Gforce....others with them will certainly be along to help.

    I have heard folks mention the battery needs to be FULLY charged for it to work properly but that all I got :(
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    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:

    Problem 1) is just a matter of working with it and learning to control your hand tension. I used use heavy strings for a long time and bent the strings out of tune when playing a chord. Now I use light medium strings and can adjust to the grip for either gauge.

    Problem 2) is again a matter of getting used to it and adjusting your body to the guitar. It sometimes is difficult to think about how you are playing when you are so used to doing it automatically.... but it can be done.

    Ditto the pix! :thumb:

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