The Ultimate Modulator?

Discussion in 'Effects' started by plankton, Nov 2, 2018.

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    Awhile back I bought a second-hand MXR Flanger off ebay as it was going for a good price. I figured I could have a bit of fun doing jet plane swooshes and I'd also heard that it can do a decent chorus sound. Neither are things I would use a lot, but since when do guitarists only buy gear they really need?

    After learning a bit about what each knob actually does and spending some quality time with this thing I've come to one conclusion. Everyone needs a four-knob flanger.

    The amount of different tones in this thing seem endless. Several great chorus sounds, warbly vibrato, cool filter stuff and of course classic flanger tones. Plus combinations of those things and some completely over the top crap as well.

    Now it doesn't do the univibe thing and it can get a bit phasey, but it's no substitute for the real thing IMO. So maybe it's The Almost Ultimate Modulator.

    Here's a great article that helped me understand how each knob works and led me to getting the most from a pedal that was was bought on a lark but has become indispensable.

    Happy flanging! :dude:

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