Thomasek-Infeld Jazz Flats for Rock

Discussion in 'Tone Zone' started by VetPsychWars, Oct 10, 2018.

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    I have really been liking the Thomasek-Infeld JS110 Jazz Flats. Not only do I put these on the Epiphone Dot, I've put them on various SGs... and using my Rockman X100 (back off, I am a Boston fan) headphone amp, sounds really nice distorted.

    Anyone else use flatwounds for rock? Pickslide not so great, heh, but I like how the sound and how they feel.

    Only wish they cost less! Other flats sound as nice, let me know. Didn't like GHS.


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    Nov 13, 2012
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    I had Thomastik-Infelds on my White Falcon. They didn't rock.

    They turned a truly great rock guitar into a jazz guitar. I kept the TIs on the Falcon for a while because they were so easy to play, but I was never happy with my Falcon. A Gretsch is the ultimate in classic rock and roll...rockabilly. Eddie Cochran, Brian Setzer...killer rock. But with those Thomastik-Infelds the Gretsch became a smooth, sweet, jazz box.

    Funny that you mention the GHS flatwounds. I have two Epiphone Casinos and I keep one with those GHS flats because I do want a guitar to be jazzy. Those strings are great. And, yes, they can rock a bit. The Beatles used flats on a Casino and I sure can play a mean "Day Tripper" on my flatwound Casino.

    The rock that flatwounds deliver is a round classic tone -- think of the intro to "Day Tripper." Flats I don't believe can ever rip and roar and bite like rock from, say, AC/DC.
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    I can't imagine playing rock with flatwounds... coated strings like Elixir kinda have that slick feel, with most of the round wound snap.

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