What Band/Bands do you play in? (with or without an SG!)

Discussion in 'General Music' started by Chenosaurus, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Chenosaurus

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    Dec 14, 2018
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    Hey everyone,

    i have a huge passion for discovering unknown bands/small local bands as i think the fact that someone in their bedroom can make such amazing music just proves that music is limitless and ever changing.

    so my question to you all, what band/bands a do you play in?

    if you have any links to any spotify/soundcloud/facebook pages etc. please post below so we can share the music we all love to create!
    i will post some links for my own band, including a link to our first and currently our only music video (featuring me playing my trust G-400 ;) )

    i look forward to checking out your tunes :)
  2. Col Mustard

    Col Mustard Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2009
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    Tucson AZ
    Welcome to ETSG

    I play in an acoustic trio called Mustards Retreat.


    We got started in about 1974, and have been gigging ever since. We played in bars for about a decade, and then were able to aim ourselves at the folk music circuit and graduate to playing coffee houses, house concerts, schools, colleges, concert series, gazebo concerts and festivals.

    Libby, our female singer left in like 1977 and went away to have like
    a life... got married, played in numerous bands, and then came back
    about five years ago. Davie and I toured as a duo for all those decades
    in between, and have actually had a career. We never got rich, never
    got famous, but have been able to play some cool places and get invited back, and make a little money. All our recordings have paid for themselves. *grins


    Our most recent recording "Make Your Own Luck"
    features the trio, and might be our
    best ever.

    I played acoustic guitar and electric bass for literally decades, and didn't
    get into electric guitars until like 2008, when I turned 60. *laughs
    I bought myself a gift, for making it to 60... a Gibson SG.
    That thing about getting set in your ways when you're older is no joke.
    But the SG might be a partial cure. It is for me.

    In spite of playing folk venues, I've always been a rocker at heart.
    So the SG resonates with my soul, and I'll bring it out onstage when
    ever we have an easy load in, or a spacious stage, or plenty of time
    in front of an audience. (we don't always get these things).

    Because of this, my attitude and my take on some of our issues
    are likely to be different from most of the members of this forum.
    The majority here seems to be fans of Black Sabbath and AC/DC,
    while I harken back to an earlier time, relating more to the Doors
    and the Dead, The Who, Blue Oyster Cult, Fleetwood Mac, Cream,
    Bob Seger etc... But I keep an open mind. I like almost every kind
    of music.
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  3. Chenosaurus

    Chenosaurus Member

    Dec 14, 2018
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    Nice I think I'll check out your stuff at work today! You are definitely a true veteran if the live music scene!

    My band laserchrist is a punk band, we like to add psychedelic, grungy, melodic elements to our songs so we're not just straight up punk. Me and tne other guitarist started in a different band 3 years ago (I was the drummer) but we used to meet up outside of that and write our own songs acoustically.. A year later 2 of his old buddies from South Africa joined after we sent them a demo we made. Played our first gig earlier in May this year and have been slowly making a name for ourselves around the South East London music scene :)

    Our music video:

    Spotify with our first EP: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6VmaGsrTno0loUwVuXheNY?si=tZtnCcShRmCb3SL37QbV5Q

    We recorded it all ourselves in our basement with basic gear. Came out better than expected! Hope you enjoy
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  4. DaveInSoCal

    DaveInSoCal Active Member

    Jun 22, 2018
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    Wow! Great songs Col Mustard and Chenosaurus!! I love listening to the folks here at ESG!
    There is so much talent and wisdom here it blows my mind!

    I myself have been in many bands over the years, this is the band I'm with now Los Santos.
    I'm not playing an SG in this video, I was feeling my Les Paul Junior DC for this show.

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  5. Ray

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    Oct 25, 2018
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    Hi there, cool thread!

    I play leadguitar in SKADA, hardrock/punkrock/metal - in norwegian. And I use exclusevly Gibson SG's! :)

    I have gigged and recorded with several bands since I was 16. Havent seen much money come out of it , but fu*k that, we play because we MUST! :)

    Me and the lead singer/rhythm player have actually known about each other since we were 16-17. Went to the same school. We met several times over the years, but I ve been busy in other bands (Im a one-band-man)

    I joined SKADA when they asked me in june 2017, and recorded my debut with them 6 weeks later, this single

    (The song was recorded live in the studio, of course, except leads and vox. The "guitarhowls " following the vocals in the chorus is my 2000 Standard, the overfuzzed intro is the p90s in my Special 60s Tribute, both guitars blasting at 11, in a separate room, through my modded 2004 Marshall 1987x head and a 1976 Marshall cab charged with four greenbacks. :) The dominating rhythmguitar is a LP Studio + Orange Dual Terror.)

    Heres the album from 2016:
    (The great guitar sound comes from the Gibson LP Studio + Orange Dual Terror. :) )


    SKADA is recording a new album spring 2019, and weve now got more killer guitars stalled than ever!! Woohoo!
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  6. Worblehat

    Worblehat Well-Known Member

    Mar 14, 2018
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    Great thread, more of this please! Usually you only read what guitars and gear everyone uses here but not what music they create with it. So this is very interesting! Unfortunately I cannot contribute very much to this as I am not in a band (still a struggling beginner) and don't plan to be either. To be honest...the thought of playing in front of people creeps the sh*t out of me! So I have utmost respect for all gigging musicians.
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  7. NoiseNinja

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    Dec 19, 2018
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    I'll just copy/paste a list from my profile on another forum I am member of (all the red text contains links):

    Releases with various projects I have been involved with:

    Old projects I was a part of:

    Menfolk (hardcore and noise rock influenced math rock):

    Menfolk - Double Date (Split single with The Unit)

    Menfolk - Are we enemies (Split EP with Barra Head)

    (Menfolk - Colossus (Album, where I helped compose a few tracks, but didn't record anything))

    Janosch (lo-fi indie pop):

    Janosch - Inhere Outhere (EP) (lo-fi indie pop)

    Janosch - Holesong (Featuring on the compilation Danelectro)

    You won't find much of this on YouTube, but if you use Spotify or similar online digital music services, or do a search for Menfolk on Bandcamp, you'll find it.

    In Menfolk I played one of the two basses, as well as contributed to the compositions and some of the lyrics.

    In Janosch I did bass, lead guitar, backing vocals, contributed to the compositions as well as some additional lyrics.

    And my latest projects- All solo projects consisting of home recordings:

    Electro Jar (psychedelic downtempo electronic music, originally a duo with Jackie Rasmusen as the other member)

    Jacob Læby (drone/ambient/noise)

    Flystyrt (experimental music, primarily utilizing electronic elements, with recited own, predominantly Danish, poems )

    ...and for such a long time
    (folk and psych folk)

    Which can be found, listened to and downloaded for free on Bandcamp. Further more most of my drone/ambient/noise stuff, in my own name, Jacob Læby, can be found on Spotify and similar online digital music services.

    (For various stuff composed and recorded by me check out my SoundCloud page: Jacob Læby's profile - Listen to music)
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  8. Chenosaurus

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    Dec 14, 2018
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    Every Guitar or Songwriting master started off as a struggling beginner, keep striving and creating my friend!

    So glad you guys like this thread, sorry i couldn't get back sooner... the xmas period took over. Now i have plenty of SGers music to start the new year off with.

    please keep it going everyone! thanks again!
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