Zoom Analog Pedals- well kept secret

Discussion in 'Effects' started by Bliggick, Apr 5, 2005.

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    Dec 13, 2004
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    First off, forget about those cheesy multi-effects pedals that Zoom makes, like the 505, I hate 'em too. These 4 analog pedals were largely ignored, I think, by association with those multi-effects units which might be okay at home but don't belong on stage or in the studio. On a whim I collected these four analog overdrive/distortion pedals Zoom just discontinued recently and they are quite good. The Tri-metal resells quite high on eBay lately but I prefer the Powerdrive and then the Hyperlead. I like the seperate tone controls. The Ultra Fuzz lets you 'model' the effect. I use them with a Ibanez Ts-9 sometimes. These analog pedals were quite good IMO and are built like tanks. Check them out if you find them in a shop.

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