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  1. SGfan84
    SGfan84 papagayo
    Don't be too much of an asshole, save your energy for another day!!
  2. SGfan84
    SGfan84 papagayo
    How does it feel to be such an asshole!!?? Is it rewarding?
  3. SGfan84
    SGfan84 papagayo

    You are officially the most hated person on this forum!
  4. Dwright
    My g sg special has p90s.I want to route out and replace with humbuckers.didn’t know if I had to replace controls. Would appreciate any help
  5. Sharkbait
    Need to replace the nut on my '62 Les Paul SG 42.5mm wide. So many choices, but none are an exact fit. Any recommendataions
    1. Sharkbait
      Anyone out there?
      Jun 15, 2020
  6. Juca
    Hi everyone, my question is where i can find info about setup my SG Goth, i want to be really sure of what i am doing, thanks
  7. Blues Jam
    Blues Jam oldrockfan
    Hey bud! This is 1Way from way back when. Just thought I'd say hi, and that I hope you are doing well.
  8. Blues Jam
    Blues Jam Six String
    Hey Six String! I remember you from the RV industry. And from you playing in Syracuse Indiana. This is 1Way from before. I lost that handle and so this is my new one. I hope you are doing fine brother!!! Long time no see! Take good care of yourself!
  9. Antvesh
    Hoping to be an owner of a dream sg soon.
  10. Grizzlyman
    Grizzlyman SG Lou
    Hi there,
    I’m trying to source some large jazz style knobs for my 60’s SG junior like Iommi used on his Old Boy.
    I saw your absolutely stunning replica and read the thread, but the links to the knobs in the thread no longer work.
    If you could point me in the right direction for these t would be great.
    Any help would be gratefully received!
  11. Sharkbait
    Sharkbait eS.G.
    I have a '62 SG that been in pieces since the early 70's. I have the original sideways Vibrola but it's missing the arm assembly and cover .What years did Gibson put the Maestro Lyra on their SG's? Is it better to just put the old Vibrola on for historical purposes and hope I'm able to find the missing parts and cover at some future date or change over to a Lyra or even a Bixby.
  12. Rod Muller
    Rod Muller Six String
    Hi Six String, I'm relatively new to the site ! So, not sure of the " modus operandi" tried to reply to a " SG 1973 timeline" post, but could go no further! Not sure exactly how ? Please enlighten me if you would.
    Thanks and regards, Rod ( Very unusual '73 SG Standard Tobacco Sunburst)
  13. TBone Shine
    TBone Shine
    Just picked up a 2001 Bully SG in Blood Stain. Now I need an amp. Looking for something fun for under $200???
  14. El Marin
    El Marin
    Reelin' and rockin'
  15. Brooklyn Zeke
    Brooklyn Zeke
    New member, but old player...
  16. Dave G.
    Dave G.
    Any tips on how to best identify it as authentic ?
  17. Dave G.
    Dave G.
    My friend has a deep wine red/cherry SG. on loan to me. He says it was a 1989 reissue of a 1961
  18. NY-Pete
    Quarantined and stir-crazy.
  19. Alex Kendall
    Alex Kendall
    Happy to be here!! :D
  20. Robert P.Mamarella
    Robert P.Mamarella Astral Traveler
    Astral, Very Niccccccce Ax, Love the Blue.Good Luck with Her.